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“Crazy and scary:” SWAT unit called to Brown Deer home, turns out to be prank

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BROWN DEER -- A prank emergency call to police sent several departments scrambling to the home of one very confused family.Brown Deer4

The Milwaukee County SWAT and Bomb Squad joined police officers in rushing to the normally quiet Brown Deer neighborhood Wednesday afternoon, August 17th.

"It was really crazy and scary," said Carol Dumas, homeowner.

Police had received a call that an armed man was inside a home, threatening his family and that explosives might also be present. Unfortunately this was all news to Carol Dumas, who also lives in the home with her grandchildren.

Carol Dumas

Carol Dumas

"We're looking out the window thinking it was our neighbor. My grandson said, 'mom they pointing those guns at us,'" said Dumas.

The startled family quickly following police orders to get out of the home.

"They asked us if we had any guns or weapons in the house and of course I do not," said Dumas.

The SWAT and Bomb Squad searched the home and deemed it safe -- it looked like the emergency caller had just made the whole thing up.Brown Deer

"We believe it may be a swatting call which is basically where someone spoofs the information coming into a police department to elicit a SWAT or type response," said Brad Caddock, crime prevention public information officer with the Brown Deer Police Department.

Dumas says the caller used the name of her husband, who died about eight years ago. The fake emergency tied up resources from about a half a dozen departments for several hours -- resources that could have been used for other emergencies.Brown Deer

"It's frustrating in the sense that it puts unnecessary lives in jeopardy," said Caddock.

Police are investigating the call's source and say that person could face criminal charges.

Dumas just wants to know why they targeted her.

"It angers me that somebody would go this far for no reason at all," Dumas said.Brown Deer3

The Brown Deer Police Department didn't have an estimate on how much all those resources cost they had to respond to this incident. They are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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    The problem with this story is the lack of urgency to how this is not good! The officer was like whatever, the reporter said the people “could” face charges. What is happening to this city and the surroundings? Barrett, Flynn, Chisholm and the judicial system have ruined us.

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