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“We have to think before we act:” Milwaukee’s Youth Council president shares his frustration with words

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MILWAUKEE -- Kalan Haywood, the president of the Milwaukee Youth Council, shares the same frustrations, but not the same reaction to recent unrest in the city. On Thursday, August 18th, he spoke out to his peers -- and he hopes all Milwaukeeans hear his words.

Kalan Haywood

Kalan Haywood

"I was like, man, I have to say something. And then I was hearing about youth being out there," Haywood said. "The community's hurt. The community feels helpless. The community feels it's being silenced. So, we need to work in the community to give people a voice."unrest in MKE

The Milwaukee Youth Council is a group of Milwaukee Public Schools students between the ages of 14 and 18. They come together twice a month to represent kids in their respective aldermanic districts.

Haywood said he feels the frustration bubbling up in people. Here is his message to peers.

Kalan Haywood

Kalan Haywood

"We have to think before we act. So for when we grow up and we become adults, we're running the city that we're working with something good. We can implement the change that we want," Haywood said.

As for now, Haywood said there should be a sustained movement toward change -- and the community working together. He said another key is keeping the community informed -- because the lack of information breeds anger.

"We're trying to implement change. That's what everyone's trying to do . And the way things went about Saturday night was not the proper way to do it," Haywood said.

Haywood said the role he expects from the Milwaukee Youth Council now is for members to go into the neighborhood and talk to their peers -- and make sure that they are  well aware of the issues at hand.

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