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29-year-old Elm Grove woman arrested for 6th OWI offense following police pursuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WAUKESHA COUNTY — A 29-year-old Elm Grove woman has been charged with her 6th OWI offense, along with eluding an officer, resisting arrest and battery to a police officer following a police pursuit that took place Thursday evening, August 18th.

Ashley Corbin

Ashley Corbin

According to the Elm Grove Police Department, the pursuit took place around 6:00 p.m.

Police say 29-year-old Ashley Corbin, took officers on a vehicular pursuit within Elm Grove, then attempted to flee on foot from officers before being arrested in her front yard.

Officers suspected Corbin was impaired and requested a blood test, but say Corbin refused.

After obtaining a search warrant, authorities took a blood sample.

During the incident police say Corbin caused minor injuries to an officer.

Police say Corbin was taken to the Waukesha County Jail following the incident.

Corbin is now facing the following charges:

  • Eluding an officer – felony
  • Operating while intoxicated – felony 6th offense
  • Resisting arrest – misdemeanor
  • Battery to a police officer – felony

Corbin appeared in Waukesha County Circuit Court Friday, August 19th and the court set cash bail at $2,500. She is due back in court on September 1st.


  • Opinion8d

    Hope she gets her drinking under control before she hurts or kills someone!! 6th offense by the time someone is 29 should probably earn them some time in Jail…..

      • caringforyou

        She belongs in a treatment facility. JAIL DOES NOT WORK FOR ADDICTS. THEY NEED TREATMENT AND REHAB.

    • caringforyou

      With her legal defense team, she’ll do very little jail time and more treatment time. JAIL IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR ADDICTS. IT MAKES THEM WORSE. LEARN JUDGEMENTAL, IGNORANT PEOPLE!!

  • Nala

    She belong in jail cause she didn’t learn her lesson the 1st time, next time she might kill someone, she needs to sit for a long time in jail to learn what she is doing is wrong

    • Joseph

      Sit in jail do nothing becose all her need is treatment but in jail no do that to drunk driving only put there and count the time to come out the sistem in law not looking for stopping that

  • caringforyou

    This woman is an avid volunteer in the community, a Philanthropist and is being judged by people who better look in the mirror before you go after this woman. She is an amazing person when sober. She has suffered great loss and has had a very hard life in which she worked hard and is self-made. She has overcome a lot and before you judge, you better make sure your hands are clean! We also do not know the facts. Stop assuming people are guilty before their day in court. Also, check her attorney, he is the best in Wisconsin. Leave her alone and pray for her to get help and get better. Help people and stop critizing. Offer help and support for a sober lifelong recovery.

    • John Boyle

      This person is psychotic. Owns a maid service in New Berlin called The Appointed Housewife. Crazy beans if you ask me. Wouldn’t want this person anywhere near my family. Much less around my stuff.

      • Getalife

        Very false comment. She doesn’t own any business called that. We will be verifying your IP ADDRESS & going after you for slander.

      • Getalife

        Also for harrassment & defamation of character. Your IP ADDRESS will be identified by our attorney’s.

  • We know who you are 'John Boyle'

    She is a self made multi millionaire. Money will not buy happiness. She’s suffered great loss. She does tons of charity work, gives millions to homeless people, etc. SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE WHO HELPS SO MANY! You’ll have your day in front on Jesus for being so cruel & judging her before sentenced. SHAME ON YOU EVIL PEOPLE acting like you never drove drunk or high! Shame on you!!!!!

  • Timotiejus Sevelis

    QUIT with the phony sympathy routine!! After having SIX DUIs, she doesn’t give a S***!!! WHAT makes you think TREATMENT after 6DUIs is going to help, when she could have HAD treatment AFTER the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and FIFTH time. A few years of FORCED sobriety is THE treatment!! LOCK HER UP!!! Or just wait until she T-Bone’s CARINGFORYOU’s vehicle. Better YET, plows CARINGFORYOU’s crossing the street!

    • MALIKA

      3 were when she was a juvenille IDIOT. GET AN EDUCATION AND STOP JUDGING. We do not know the facts or even if she was driving the car. Police report states she was caught outside passenger side and a man ran. QUIT JUDGING AND CONVICTING BEFORE WE KNOW FACTS. Innocent until proven guilty. JAIL HASN’T WORKED. JAIL DOESN’T WORK FOR ADDICTS. GET AN EDUCATION, SHE JUST DID A 9 MONTHS LASTTIME. THEY DON’T HAVE TREATMENT IN JAIL IDIOT. THAT’S WHY ADDICTS DON’T LEARN– NO HELP!!!!!

  • JoAnne

    My heart goes out to this young, beautiful woman. She does so much in and for the community to help those in need, yet is suffering herself. I pray she stays in a treatment proram this time and gets rid of everyone bad thats a bad influence around her. My prayers are with you Ashley. I heard someone else was driving the car too & the police beat you up extremely badly as I saw the pictures when you bailed out from family members. Please know we love you and do not read or listen to the evil messages some are saying. Thank you to the caring hearts who are educated.

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