Medical Examiner confirms Sylville Smith had gunshot wounds to chest, arm

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the autopsy of Sylville Smith revealed a single gunshot wound to the chest — and a single gunshot wound to the right arm.

Officials say the autopsy report and investigative reports will not be released — because this case is still under investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation.

The officer-involved fatal shooting of Smith near 44th and Auer on Saturday afternoon, August 13th touched off several nights of unrest in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Businesses were looted and burned, Milwaukee police made arrests — and now, there is a concerted effort to bring back the peace to the neighborhood.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Nala

    Right one scum loser off the streets. Cops did a good job, people need to learn how to obey the law, not think you can do what ever you want and get away with it. He got what he deserves

    • brylar foustark

      Right on Nala! His family should reimburse the city since he spent his last moments on earth trying to steal bullets out of a cop’s gun. I hope people show you love b/c cheering needless deaths show your desires to be in a coffin cause your existence itself hurts so much.

  • Joshua Gatlin

    He was left handed. So being shot in the right arm does not mean he had a gun. They are asking public for clues why ?

    • brylar foustark

      There are generally too many anamolies in gunshot wounds for reliable info. even if he had wounds on his back people would invent 94 million explanations and then say the evidence proves a justified shoot .

  • Shawn

    White people are so hateful! Wonder why this country is so polarized. Cowards hide behind computers and make hateful comments!

  • brylar foustark

    Justified or not, it is hateful to see all the killings yet not ask how we could improve tactis to avoid killing our neighbors. 185 trillion cameras on earth but the cops and cameras must be jinxed because even random cameras on private properties stop recording minutes before the shooting & ressurects. Magically!!!

      • brylar foustark

        Some people could have pulled context from phrases like “see all the killings” and realized that since there is only victim in this case the plural indicated shootings in general.

      • brylar foustark

        Oh…forgot to let you know…there is no audio from the camera. Now, I know Columbos like you generally dont see the problem but since the victim never pointed a weapon at the cop we have no evidence the cop told him any commands before the fatal shots.

      • Libsareliars

        So Brylar where are all the cameras on the black on black killings? You stupid moron just hate law enforcement.

  • Reasonless

    And Shawn,
    If you were at the park with your bullhorn that my tax dollars most likely paid for, you are more part of the problem than a solution.
    Shouting lime a damn fool accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    • Reasonless

      Sorry about the typos.
      I was replying from my phone in-between jobs.
      A job Shawn.
      You know what that is….

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Law enforcement haters will still blame law enforcement. They are to incompetent to realize the reason their is so much crime in their neighborhood is their own fault. They refuse to be law abiding parents and raise their children to be responsible adults. They have the maximum amount of children so they can get food stamps and other entitlements. The father is generally no where to be found or in prison. The mother sells her food stamps at fifty cents on the dollar and prostitutes herself to purchase crack and or heroin. Let me be clear their are good and bad in any race and their are very wonderful black families. My earlier comment was about bad black families. We need to build orphanages, when a mother is found to be doing drugs or the father is also a felon the children should be taken away and all contact with the parents terminated. Only college educated people should be employed at the orphanage for positions to raise the children. The orphanage should have it’s own private school so these children don’t have to be victims of MPS. I can almost guarantee it ,these children would grow up to be responsible adults and pillars in the community.

    • Libsareliars

      Yeah but your idea would be against the democratic playbook. They want to see the black community down so that way they can get all the free government handouts and in return get the black vote. Unfortunately the Democratic Party is evil and for the most part the blacks are to stupid to think for themselves. We wonder why unemployment among blacks is so high. Thank you evil democrats!!!!!

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