Milwaukee unrest: Destruction totals more than $3M in Sherman Park neighborhood

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MILWAUKEE -- It has been nearly one week since violence tore apart the Sherman Park neighborhood. Friday, August 19th it is a much quieter scene as we learn more about the cost of the unrest.MKE unrest2

The investigation continues to try and find those who lit the fires. There is a group making noise in front of the burned out buildings.

The following locations were set on fire during the unrest:

  • BP gas station at 3114 N Sherman Boulevard
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts at 3405 West Fond du Lac Avenue
  • BMO Harris Bank at 3536 West Fond du Lac Avenue
  • Jet Beauty Supply at 3501 West Burleigh Street
  • PJ’s Supermarket at 3079 North 21st Street
  • MJM Liquor Store at 2229 West Fond du Lac Avenue
  • A to Z Wholesale Liquor at 2233 West Fond du Lac Avenue
  • Big Jim’s Liquor at 2161 West Hopkins Street

At 35th and Fond du Lac, amidst the burnt out buildings left from a weekend of riots, Mitchell Stupica has a megaphone and an optimistic view.

Mitchell Stupica

Mitchell Stupica

"I see opportunity, I see healing, I see deliverance. I see this community raising up more than ever," said Stupica.

The group is street preaching, saying it's not a time for excuses.

"We can see everything. We can have a million things to complain about," said Stupica.

As the community heals, we are learning new information about the damaged caused.

According to our partners at the Milwaukee Business Journal, the damage of the buildings lit on fire have a combined assessed value of $3,254,100.

Cleanup at O'Reilly store near Fond du Lac and Burleigh

Cleanup at O'Reilly store near Fond du Lac and Burleigh

The city has ordered three buildings be razed including the BP gas station, the O'Reilly Auto Parts store, and the PJ's Supermarket.

The other three have a month to come up with a plan for repairs or demolition. Some of the work has already begun.

BP Gas Station

BP Gas Station

Three men have been charged in connection with the looting at Clark's Beer and Liquor located at 47th and Burleigh.

Durrell Jones, Joseph Lindsey, Devon Love

Durrell Jones, Joseph Lindsey, Devon Love

"It's nice someone is going to be held accountable," said Paul Rubitsky, Clark's Beer and Liquor owner.

The owner is now back open, saying the damage and lost merchandise may be as much as $125,000.

Clark Beer and Liquor, Milwaukee

Clark Beer and Liquor, Milwaukee

The images of the damage are heartbreaking but many are still hopeful.

"You might see Jet Beauty as being burnt down but I see it as back up. I feel stirred up and I feel believed by the Lord to do something about it," said Stupica.

The group has faith the city will rise up from the ashes stronger than ever. They plan to be in Sherman Park Saturday night, August 20th.

CLICK HERE to read the complete story in the Milwaukee Business Journal.


  • Paul

    Why would anybody open up a business here knowing you will be robbed and probably worse. Let the loud mouth alderman use his own money to open a business rather than yell at others who won’t because the the crime. Yell all you want, nobody is listening.

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