Teeing it up: Kids are hitting the links in “little league of golf”

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MILWAUKEE -- The sport of golf may be undergoing a bit of a revival among young people -- thanks to what you might call the little league for golf.

"What it is is getting the kids in the developmental and fundamental stages, and letting them go and enjoy golf on the golf course in a team atmosphere -- and a fun atmosphere at that," said Scott Walecki, head golf pro at Dretzka Golf Course in Milwaukee County.

golf4The idea is as easy and fluid as some of the golf swings we witnessed on the course recently -- and it's working.

"It started in 2013, we had 9,000 juniors throughout the country. And then now we're up to 30,000 in 2016," Walecki said. "These kids are the future of golf. You know -- and making them having fun, and make this a fun and enjoyable sport. They always like to play baseball or soccer. Now it's time to play little league for golf."


Here's the way it works. Six golfers go out in two groups of three. Only two on each team will play. They rotate every three holes. So each youngster plays a total of six holes.

"And the nice thing is it's a scramble. So if one person hits and then the other person hits, they take the best shot from those hits," Walecki said. "So if one goes in the woods and one goes into the fairway, no biggie. They put the ball in the fairway. And they repeat the process until the ball's in the hole. And whoever gets the lowest score team-wise, get a point for that hole.

The kids get practices and lessons in addition to their weekly matches.