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To promote healing after unrest: Feeding America to hand out free food to Sherman Park residents

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Sherman Park

MILWAUKEE — Officials with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin have announced a food distribution event scheduled for Tuesday, August 23rd in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood — the site of unrest after the fatal officer-involved shooting of Sylville Smith on August 13th.

According to a statement from Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin — this is an effort to heal wounds from the unrest. Feeding America officials say “studies continue to show a direct correlation between hunger and violence.”

From 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feeding America, in conjunction with the Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club located in Sherman Park will host a free mobile food pantry — open to the entire Sherman Park community.

Charles McLimans, president and CEO of Feeding America will join volunteers to hand out food.

According to officials, the goal is to hand out 10,000 pounds of food, including fresh produce. The goal is to serve 200 to 300 families.

“We all have a part to play in finding solutions and helping our community heal. Good nutrition is not only critical for a healthy lifestyle and academic success for our young people, but studies also show direct links to behavioral patterns,” McLimans said in the statement.

McLimans, in the statement, cited a study from March of 2016 which shows children who face hunger regularly have a greater risk of engaging in violence as adolescents and adults.

“Providing healthy, nutritious food is one part of the equation. We are also working with our many partners throughout the community to develop innovative programs to address the root causes of hunger and strengthen the pillars of household stability – food, health, housing and employment,” McLimans said.

Food will be made available to Sherman Park residents on a first-come, first-served basis Tuesday afternoon. Families will receive products based on the family size.


  • Opinion8d

    They had to do the same after the BP ‘shooting’ …..had a nice BBQ to bring everyone together to heal. Then, in a couple weeks, they BBQ’d the BP. Works great! (not!).

  • Opinion8d

    What a joke. How much more stuff can we give away?!?! Clearly too much as no one has the desire to work! Free lunches at school led to free breakfast, free snack, dinners, summer meals, etc. Then, they have drives to get the kids school supplies, backpacks, etc. Why the hell are the families getting welfare?? So they can swap it for cigs, alcohol and drugs???

  • Curt Evers

    Absurd, liberals and their “studies”. Violent actions are due to hunger? Violent actions are due to parents that dont respect anyone so their kids dont respect anyone. It starts at the home, not at the school, and government can not legislate peace.

  • walloffthenorthside

    Quit giving these animals free thkngs. They will never learn to support themselves if you keep giving them handouts. Most of the people who showed up to your food drive already get WIC or Quest. Basically free food.

  • Barry McC0ckner

    So are these spaced out “feeding America” people actually attempting to imply that the 350 pound black women who were recording random white people getting attacked with their $600 phones were just hungry? LOL I guess hundreds of dollars a month on their green food stamp cards isn’t enough? I guess all those poor black people who burned down businesses with all that food inside were just hungry?..load of libtard BS. Their logic is a joke.

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