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Waukesha police: 3 victims targeted by callers posing as IRS, police, demanding payment via iTunes cards

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WAUKESHA — Waukesha police are issuing a warning after receiving three reports from victims of fraud over the past few days relating to iTunes gift cards.

According to police, the victims have received telephone calls from long-distance numbers, with the caller claiming to be from the IRS, or claiming to be the police, or claiming to be someone with a family member in jail, who needs bail money.

The callers then ask for payment using iTunes gift cards.

Waukesha police say these three victims are out hundreds of dollars.

Police advise that if you receive a phone call like this, from an unknown person who claims you owe them money, don’t follow through with their demands, as it is likely a scam.


  • Had ENOUGH!

    People really believe that the IRS is going to accept iTunes gift cards as payment!?!?

    They deserve to be “out hundreds of dollars”.


    How damn stupid. They are out hundreds of dollars! ? To frickin bad, they deserve it if they are that ignorant. And I myself had these jagoffs try to call me, my hubby and MY KID all on our cell numbers. So we gave them a bit of their own medicine back, we called the first time and said to them, this is so and so from the consumer protection agency, can you give us your supervisor’s agent ID? This foreign moron tells me to go ____ myself and that they are ISIS and will come and kill me! So I replied, go ahead, drive to my home right now, cause the cops will have a blast cleaning you off my porch. They hang up. So in a fit of bordom me and my son went on a site with pre recorded sound bites from good fellas and sweat the ever living $#!% out of them to the point they change their number. Lol guess we taught them. Lol

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