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Wild surveillance video: Gas station shootout caught on camera, woman caught in the crossfire

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ATLANTA, Georgia — A gas station shootout in southwest Atlanta was caught on camera, and a victim was caught in the crossfire.

The surveillance video shows a black Dodge Charger parked at the Texaco Station on Lee Street in Atlanta’s Oakland City neighborhood on Sunday night, August 21st around 8:30 p.m.

A young woman can be seen in the passenger seat.

The driver is seen walking out the front door of the gas station and a second suspect, who, according to police, had a handgun in his waistband, is seen approaching and confronting him.

Walking away, the second man can be seen opening his driver’s side door and pulling out an AK-style pistol.

The suspect at the back of the car can immediately be seen reacting — reaching for his gun and diving for cover.

The suspect with the large gun is seen in the video pointing it at the second suspect over the roof, and the suspect on the ground is seen putting his hand up — apparently pleading with the other man. When he retreats to the front of the car, he can be seen firing three shots — all hitting the windshield.

The other suspect is seen taking cover before popping up and firing back, before firing off more shots from the side of the car.

The video was recorded by a camera pointed at the area where the car was parked at the pump. Other cameras captured one shooter running away. The gas station’s owner wouldn’t share any other surveillance video because this is an ongoing investigation.

Once the shooting was over, the video shows the driver putting the gun away, and starting to pull away when the girl in the passenger seat is seen exiting the vehicle — clutching her shoulder in pain. One of the shots hit her, and they then went in the store to call 911.

Atlanta police and their “Gun Reduction Unit” are investigating. Detectives are analyzing the surveillance video.

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  • Z

    Here is what Fox 6 won’t tell you because they want to sensationalize a story involving a gun.

    The investigation is closed already. It was ruled self-defense. The guy at the pump was being strong armed into buying drugs. He defended himself and the dealer is pushing up daisies now. Police let the man, his firearm, and his girlfriend go. End of story.

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