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FBI to release report on Hillary Clinton email investigation as soon as Wednesday

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Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

The FBI expects to publicly release as soon as Wednesday the report the bureau sent to the Justice Department in July recommending no charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, according to multiple law enforcement officials.

The release is in response to numerous FOIA requests including from CNN.

Also to be released is Hillary Clinton’s 302, the FBI agent notes from Clinton’s voluntary interview at FBI headquarters. The report is about 30 pages, and the 302 is about a dozen pages according to the officials.

Not yet being released are additional notes from interviews of Clinton aides or other investigative materials that were sent to Congress.

Last month, FBI Director James Comey recommended against charges for Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, but he did describe her behavior as “extremely careless” with classified material.


  • guest73

    What’s the point? It won’t change any minds. Trumpers will continue to scream EMAILS! (when they’re not screaming BENGHAZI!) And Clinton will remain the only reasonable, rational and QUALIFIED candidate this November. Releasing this report will give the news organizations something to do, until the next news cycle. I guess that’s something.

      • CYNIC

        You sir win the internet for the day! Of course the entire report will have to be redacted for security reasons. Can’t let that secret stuff get out after all, bad things could happen. No minds will be changed, Trump will still be a conservative-ish windbag, but Clinton will still be a felon with gallons of blood on her hands. I’ll take the lesser of those two evils any day.

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