“Milwaukee is a firearm rich environment:” August 2016 is deadliest month in city since July 1991

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police recorded 24 homicides in the month of August -- and officials say that is the highest monthly total since the July 1991 discovery in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.

"The overwhelming problem in this city is violent crime," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Flynn on Thursday, September 1st pointed out that Milwaukee has a population of 594,833. Police say there were 24 homicides in the month of August. That's 4.0 homicides per 100,000 people. For comparison, Chicago has a population of 2,695,598. Chicago had 90 homicides in August. That is 3.3 homicides per 100,000 people -- or a lower rate than the City of Milwaukee.

Homicides breakdown Milwaukee/Chicago

"The biggest driver of our homicides are arguments, fights and retaliation by people with criminal records," Flynn said.

Flynn estimated that 80 percent of the city's homicides were a result of gun violence. Part of the solution, he said, starts with increasing penalties for felons caught in possession of a firearm.

Triple shooting/homicide at 22nd and Keefe

Triple shooting/homicide at 22nd and Keefe

"Milwaukee is a firearm rich environment. Making, you know, conceal carry illegally a misdemeanor no matter how many times you`re arrested is foolish. It`s foolhardy" said Chief Flynn.

Officials say Milwaukee police officers have taken more 1,600 guns off the streets in 2016; 211 in August alone.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn

Flynn also mentioned that five of the 24 people killed in the month of August were killed during the unrest in the Sherman Park neighborhood.

"Five people were murdered on the day of the riot and that was lost in the news. Since that riot, this police department has had to spend extraordinary resources, balancing the demands of people who insisted on mourning an armed individual killed by police by taking over a neighborhood," Flynn said. "And for the better part of two weeks, the neighborhood and police department tolerated it until finally, at the behest of the neighborhood and elected officials, we intervened."

Unrest in Milwaukee

Unrest in Milwaukee

unrest in MKE

MKE unrest

Milwaukee unrest

Chief Flynn indicated he is not trying to trying to minimize what happened in Sherman Park -- but to point out the "overwhelming problem" in this city is violent crime.

"The fact remains we have to get out there and engage with the offending community on their turf -- and we're committed to continue to do that in a way that's both  lawful and restrained. I would urge many of those most vocal in their criticism of the police dept. to lend some of their energy, some of their concern to the to the extraordinary rates of violent crime that are afflicting us," Flynn said.

Triple shooting/homicide near 27th and Vine

Triple shooting/homicide near 27th and Vine

Flyn noted that the majority of homicide victims and assailants are African-American.

Flynn did mention that his investigators have been getting good cooperation in solving homicides. He said they are getting less cooperation from people when it comes to non-fatal shootings.

Double homicide at 36th and Congress

Double homicide at 36th and Congress

"What we are confronting is more than a little bit of witness intimidation," Flynn said. "It's becoming a rational act for people to be able to cooperate with the police because those offenders who are armed and dangerous and survive have a very much serious vested interest in intimidating those who would truthfully testify to the circumstances."

Homicide at 50th and Clarke

Homicide at 50th and Clarke


  • confused

    Finally after all my deleted posts with the same percentage and data that it seemed Milwaukee’s murder rate was higher then Chicago someone looked into it and proved it. Right here in print. If the news says it’s true, then its ok to print. Not that its a GOOD goal.

  • confused

    I don’t think it’s a firearm rich environment as is is a refusal to correctly charge, prosecute and sentence. What’s the data on the pleas for having a gun when you are not supposed to dropped down to disorderly conduct?

  • Libsareliars

    Hey Ed you moron the whole state is rich in firearms especially during deer season. The problem is not the gun moron but rather the felons that are running loose in Milwaukee instead of being in prison where they should be. You and Barrett have to be the two biggest idiots running around the city of Milwaukee.

  • Ron Stacy

    Mayby more Police an Patrols like suggested by our Sheriff would do the trick. DUH! Blue lives do matter. Without them, guess what?

  • Judas Priest

    Once again the puppet Flynn blaming law abiding gun owners for all the murders. “Gun Rich Society” ? SMH I don’t believe that any of the murderer’s Guns were purchased legally and registered. I think Him and Barr-ass need to go take a ride on the Trolley to nowhere

  • WashCoTaxpayer

    Judging from the amount of activity I hear when I drive past the gun ranges in Waukesha, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties, we’re not exactly lacking in firearms out here in the ‘burbs, either.

      • Jim

        Ya but the Idiot DA we keep electing drops everything down to a misdemeanor and we need to stop electing the same judges that give out light sentences and pander to the liberal base that dosn’t think anyone belongs in prision

  • Lolwut

    It’s funny that Flynn’s speech was targeted towards the judicial system and how it’s too lenient but everyone’s focusing on the guns instead lol. That’s the problem with society, everyone wants to just yell at each other instead of listening.

  • J227

    How about getting back to the old VCD days? Get half of the personnel assigned to HIDTA out from behind desks and on the street in the form of the REDO squad and gang squad. Conspiracy cases take many months to put together, then you go round up a dozen or two dozen “high level” traffickers while the ballers are out there on street corners shooting each other and the neighborhoods up. Officers out jacking up the trash that is selling drugs on all the street corners, gas station lots and alleys where residents complain about outsiders taking over their neighborhoods. A lot was also lost when the department was down over 70 detectives after Flynn decided patrol officers should be detectives…. that failed miserably as they were all stuck doing follow ups instead of…..buehler….anyone………..patrol!! Eventually Flynn went back to making detectives but what was he thinking anyway? The guy worked for 11 different agencies before somehow being hired here….as an incompetent adulterer. As long as Barrett is mayor the circus will continue with these clowns. Clark is right. More cops on the street!! MPD is down over 200 officers…..has been for many years.

  • jeffreyfojtik

    I can partially solve this problem. First of all, Chief Flynn is right. Carrying an illegal firearm should be a felony. Secondly, we need more officers on the street. Then we need to start paying the Assistant District Attorney’s a darn good wage so you can attract and keep great legal talent, so they stop plea bargaining these repeat offenders back on the street. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but what’s it costing now? Then we need to prosecute the parents who let their children skip school. Start charging these absentee fathers with something!! I can’t fix te breakdown of the black family, yeah I said it. I live with blacks on the northwest side and see this firsthand. Not with who I live with, but every time I leave the house. I have stories and a partial solution from living it.

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