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Protesters crash Common Council meeting, upset with draft of “Public Safety Action Plan”

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Common Council on Thursday, September 1st heard from some unexpected speakers. Protesters crashed their meeting -- upset with the council's draft of a "Public Safety Action Plan."

The protesters said the action plan focuses too much on law and order and not enough on creating opportunities for people. This, as at least one alderman said the handling of the protest set a bad example.

Protest during Common Council meeting

Common Council leaders said the plan won't be finalized until they have community feedback sessions.

On Thursday morning, about two dozen protesters were in the chamber, occasionally chanting at the beginning of the meeting. A group calling itself "Milwaukee's Black Panthers" also disrupted the meeting.

Protest during Common Council meeting

King Rick

King Rick

"I think (the plan) was a piece of (expletive)," King Rick said.

After the initial disruption, Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton allowed the group's organizer, Markasa Tucker, to make a speech.

Tucker said the public should have been a part of the drafting process to begin with.

The protesters said they believe recommendations to hire 280 more police officers and create a local boarding school would use resources better spent elsewhere.

Markasa Tucker

Markasa Tucker

"Nothing about job creation. Nothing about community engagement. Nothing about pouring into youth leadership development. Nothing to uplift the community," Tucker said.

The council on Thursday moved an item to commend officers. Hamilton said it wouldn't have been fair to them.

"We didn`t really want to mix the two situations. Didn`t want to make it become more volatile than it has to be," Hamilton said.

Protest during Common Council meeting

At least one other alderman said he worries the handling of the protest might set a bad example.

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan

"What can I say? It`s unfortunate that these individuals, in my opinion, hijacked the council meeting. I think we set a dangerous precedent -- but it is what it is," Alderman Bob Donovan said.

Donovan is the driving force behind the plan.

"We agree that economic development, job creation, those are all important things. But this particular action plan was directed entirely to the criminal justice system," Donovan said.

"The conversation should`ve started with the community being involved and not at 9:00 a.m. public hearings where nobody can attend them," Tucker said.

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton

Hamilton said the plan can still be amended, and added that there will be feedback meetings. Hamilton said the council is still finalizing the details of those public feedback sessions.

While police escorted the Black Panthers downstairs from the chamber, there were no arrests Thursday.

Donovan said he agrees the council should discuss economic opportunities in the central city, but said this action plan was always meant to deal strictly with criminal justice.

rotest during Common Council meeting

Meanwhile, the protesters said they'll be back for next Thursday's Public Safety Committee meeting.

After the meeting Thursday, the protesters went downstairs, and said they were bringing gifts to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett -- several packs of gum.

rotest during Common Council meeting

That was a play on the arrest Tuesday night of Rep. Jonathan Brostoff. The Milwaukee Democrat said he was bringing gum to teenagers gathered at 44th and Auer before he was arrested while recording the arrest of someone else.

On Thursday morning, Brostoff said he met with Barrett's chief of staff. He said that conversation was about his support for the mayor's Office of Violence Prevention, but not his arrest.

Rep. Jonathan Brostoff

Rep. Jonathan Brostoff

"I guess Chief Flynn is gonna call me later (Thursday) and we`re gonna go over that. I`ve tried to schedule multiple meetings with the mayor and have been told there`s no time so we`ll see," Brostoff said.

Brostoff would not comment when asked whether he plans to file a complaint against the Milwaukee Police Department.

FOX6 News reached out to the mayor's office for a response. We're still waiting to hear back.


  • Opinion8d

    Where to even begin with this??? Why would you allow them to disrupt the meeting and then be allowed to speak?!?!? Milwaukee is a black mayor (not meaning Clarke) away from turning into Detroit. For Mr. Hamilton to let the circus take place is just ridiculous and a bad sign of what type of leadership (or lack thereof) he offers!

  • uhm....

    “Nothing about job creation. Nothing about community engagement. Nothing about pouring into youth leadership development. Nothing to uplift the community,”
    No businesses want to be there until there is a HUGE reduction in the crime rate.
    Engage you own community and stop blaming others by playing the victim card.
    Youth leadership??? Isn’t that what parents are for?
    Uplift the community by starting a cultural change in your own neighborhoods by taking responsibility for what has happened. This is what has happened in every Democratic controlled neighborhood… have been voting them in for decades and this is what you get….maybe holding them accountable would be a good start.

  • antler king

    really helps your cause when you have the idiot black panthers screaming!, amazing how their 70s style uniforms fit, that king rick looks like burger king

  • Frank B

    How dare they talk about adding more police during a public safety meeting. Why did they let these uncivilized idiots speak and take over this meeting. Somebody has to stand up to the tiny percentage of people who keep blaming the cops for their poor decisions.

  • Vito

    This is a disgusting display of racism from the black lives matter panther entitlements calling for less police presence. Let the insane run the asylum. Blacks need to rise up and vote for the party of freedom and let go of the democratic mistake that has plagued them for years. Time to start winning and vote for a republican for once in your lives and start living.

  • Jim

    Job Creation!!!! Take a drive around anywhere there are Help Wanted signs everywhere. To have a job you have to want a job!!!

  • Cant take it

    Did Anyone notice how she said hold a meeting at 9 a.m when nobody can attend? Seriously oh you cant wake up til 1pm so lets make things convenient for you we will start at 4 I know how hard it can be waking up.


    These people had businesses in the Sherman Park area, but they burned them down. The stupidity is astounding.

  • FoodForThought

    You see lots of signs that are anti-police. It’s time to have all police pull out of the city and hand control over to King whatever the hell his name was. I mean apparently the inner city folk want to live in a place like Syria so let’s give it to them.

    Let’s let the gangs and racist groups run the neighborhoods. Then once they tucker themselves out fighting over power and wiping each other out at higher rates maybe then people will get their act together and try to make a REAL difference instead of blowing smoke out their butts and looking like a bunch of idiots.

    Get real people the police aren’t an issue. The people and their predominantly crappy leadership is the issue.

  • Mike

    I’m sure the city will bend over backwards, change everything they have been discussing, and pour millions of tax payers dollars into programs to keep a handful of ignorant racist, non-tax paying “people” happy, who will then do nothing to help their communities and then start screaming about something else white people are doing that doesn’t fit their unemployed life-style.

  • King robocop

    Police should unleash a force of robocops to patrol the inner city. They will be programmed to keep law and order. They will concentrate on the high crime areas and will have zero tolerance for thugs. If any thugs disobey an order or found to be in violation of any ordinance including spitting, swearing, loitering, curfew, dealing, pants below the arse, joy riding, truancy, vagrancy, shoplifting, jaywalking, rapping, ebt scamming. White guilt social justice warriors will also be monitored for thuggery unbecoming a citizen. It should work out well, by the time they are done enforcing the law most of the hood would be in the slammer. OCP robocop just like the movie. LOL

  • inngus

    Hey protesters, here’s a newflash for you. When you continuously reelect Democrats to run you city for decades this is exactly what you end up with. Welcome to New Detroit.

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