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“The third choice:” Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson fires up large crowd in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- Among likely voters here in Wisconsin, a new Marquette Law School poll shows Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is getting 10% of voters. Johnson spoke at Milwaukee's Serb Hall on Thursday, September 1st.Gary Johnson at Serb Hall

Gary Johnson was fired up to be in Milwaukee, and said this is the craziest election ever.

"You know how crazy? I'm going to be the next president of the United States," said Johnson during his speech.

In front of hundreds, the former New Mexico Governor hammered both major party candidates.

Gary Johnson at Serb Hall

Gary Johnson at Serb Hall

On Donald Trump's signature plan:

"Let's not build a fence across the border," Johnson said.Johnson crowd

And he charged that Hillary Clinton was corrupt, engaging in pay to play while secretary of state.

Johnson would replace income and corporate taxes with a consumption tax.

Eliminate whole departments in the federal government.

Talking with reporters, Johnson says he likes Governor Scott Walker -- if not all of Walker's views on social issues.

Gary Johnson at Serb Hall

Gary Johnson at Serb Hall

"My understanding is that he's done a really good job. That in fact he really has been about smaller government," said Johnson.

The room was packed, even though Johnson spoke at kickoff of the Green Bay Packers' final preseason game.

"I feel like showing my support for a candidate standing up for freedom and liberty is more important than watching the second or third stringers fight for jobs," said a Johnson supporter.

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Johnson's supporters say they can't stand to vote for Clinton or Trump.Gary Johnson

"He can definitely be the third choice. I've felt for a long time that we should have more than two choices," said another Johnson supporter.

Johnson compared the first presidential debate to the Super Bowl. Johnson is getting about 10% in national polls, and 10% in the Marquette poll out Wednesday. He needs an average of 15% in five national polls to get into the debate, which is in 25 days.


    • Bob

      Not True….he actually TAKES slightly more votes from Clinton in most polls.
      A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson, smaller government and more freedom.

    • April

      Technically a vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson. If he wasn’t running I simply would refuse to vote. I can’t stand either one of the clowns. On top of that, if a third party candidate receives 5% of the vote, they would receive federal funding for the next race and that would be a game changer for the 2 party system.

    • Andrew

      Incorrect sir. As a war vet, I could not vote for either of these two Hawks.
      If Johnson wasn’t running I would have written someone in.
      A vote for Trump and not Johnson is actually a vote for Hillary as Trump gets beaten in a landslide in all but 2 Republic run polls. Johnson, if he doesn’t get in the debates, will pull 10-15%. Donald will lose by at least that. If the Republicans came over and supported Johnson, Hillary could not win. Johnson beats her head to head, Trump does not… so a vote for Trump is actually the vote for Hillary. (and GJ pulls more votes from Hillary right now than Trump…and Trump is still way behind.)

    • worldofdiamic

      You republicrats sure like to criticise other people’s voting decision while nominate crap for candidates and expect us to eat it and like it. Tell your party to start picking decent candidates and maybe some day you can win an election again.

  • Talk about blind faith..

    This is almost funny.. discussing who pulls votes from who.. Didn’t any of you learn after the fiascos with George W Bush getting his 2nd term in office that they can realistically put anyone into office that they want and all of your votes are meaningless? It’s nice to believe in a fair and actual electoral system, but when you can see online exactly how easy it is to tell the voting stations who should come out as the winner no matter what the actual votes were, it’s hard to believe the candidate with the most votes truly wins anymore.

  • Richard

    Although I am a registered republican, I always vote for the candidate, not the party. Johnson and Weld, both, were republican governors and performed well. They are light years ahead, in moral character, than any other top tier candidate in the race. I can not, in good conscience, cast my ballot for anyone but Gary Johnson.

    • confused

      Ben and that consumption tax, I cannot find what % he wants that it is on only that it is on EVERYTHING including services. This tax also means food, medical bills, your insurance premiums, etc so the “gimme crowd’ on assistance will not have to pay one penny. More will try to get on the assistance list which means that those left paying will have to pay more to offset. The working people will be screwed blind. Service fees would start appearing on lots of things, probably mandated, so the gov could get their % to “keep the country going”. Not the vote for me. I’d rather have 10% across the board -whether you make 1$ an hour or 1million$ an hour. No breaks, no write offs. 10% anyone can pay.

    • sanityinjection

      If the Clinton machine and her lapdog media are promoting Johnson because they think he will hurt Trump, then a) they’re ignoring polling data that shows the opposite, and b) they’re not doing a very good job of it as long as he’s still falling short of qualifying for the debates. So who are the “dopes” now?

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