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Temporary permit signed: Sobelmans is back open for business on Marquette University campus

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MILWAUKEE -- Sobelmans Marquette was back open for business as of Thursday afternoon, September 8th. It happened just in time for the lunch crowd -- after a meeting between Sobelman's owner and the alderman representing the area.

Dave Sobelman was all smiles Thursday as he welcomed the lunch crowd at his restaurant on the MU campus.

Dave Sobelman

Dave Sobelman

According to Sobelman, the restaurant on the corner of 16 and Wells had been told to cease operations earlier this week. That is because the establishment's food and liquor license expired on Wednesday, August 31st.

Sobelman's was closed on Tuesday, September 6th and Wednesday, September 7th.

Thursday was in jeopardy until a meeting between Sobelman's owner and Alderman Bob Bauman, who signed a temporary permit -- allowing Sobelman's to operate.

"I don't know if we're going to be friends right away -- but I'm going to work on that. I'd like to, if I could, publicly apologize to him," Sobelman said.

Sobelman's at Marquette University

Sobelman's at Marquette University

Sobelman acknowledged he neglected to show up for a mandatory Common Council committee meeting regarding their license in July. The meeting was mandatory because in June, there was an incident at the restaurant involving the discharge of a firearm.

Sobelman's at Marquette University

Sobelman's at Marquette University

No one was hurt, but Bauman wanted Sobelman to come to the meeting to discuss the incident. Sobelman missed the meeting, and his license expired on August 31st.

On Tuesday, September 6th, the Sobelmans applied for a temporary food permit for their restaurant -- which required a signature from Bauman.



On Thursday, Melanie Sobelman met with Bauman -- and he agreed to allow the restaurant to reopen for food.

They will not get their liquor license back until September 20th -- the next time the Milwaukee Common Council meets.

Dave Sobelman told FOX6 News his 39 employees suffered when the restaurant was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Each day they're unemployed, that's 100 bucks out of their pockets. They're unable to pay bills, car payments, house payments, feed their children. This is why this bothered me," Sobelman said.

FOX6 News reached out to Alderman Bauman for comment in this case. We haven't heard back.



Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


  • Opinion8d

    What a POS that Alderman is……play games with people like that!! This could have been averted right from the start, but instead, big Bob Bauman gets involved and goes on a power trip. This is the problem with govt -they could have fixed this right from the start, but instead, they get in the way and hold it up until someone kisses their as$. (and probably a campaign contribution). And they wonder why the people hate govt.

  • Fingcrap

    You could tell he was fed up with the local government just like most of the business owners in the city. Milwaukee is so anti business I find it hard to believe anyone would want to start one there.

    • Joseph Bruile

      No big deal if it stays closed, isn’t there a Micky D’s around? I went to that dump on St. Paul…What a waste of time and money. Horrible service and a burger bun so big to make any burger look good!! Endgame…couldn’t wait to get out of there to go to far better bar to watch a game with cheaper and drinks and better tvs. Highly overrated!!!!!!

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