Video shows rough arrest of California man who police say tried to grab officer’s gun

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MURRIETA, Calif. -- Cameras captured the arrest of a man who police say tried to grab an officer's gun during a struggle at a CVS pharmacy in Murrieta Tuesday night, according to KTLA.

Surveillance video shows the arrest of a man at a CVS store in Murrieta on Sept. 6, 2016.

Surveillance video shows the arrest of a man at a CVS store in Murrieta on Sept. 6, 2016.

The incident took place about 8:45 p.m. at the store located in the 25000 block of Hancock Avenue, the Murrieta Police Department stated in a news release.

An officer was attempting to contact the man, later identified by police as Murrieta resident Alejandro Rojo, after a bystander said someone in the store was creating a disturbance and was possibly under the influence of drugs.

Rojo began fighting with the officer and attempted to grab his holstered firearm when the officer went to detain him, the Police Department stated.

Surveillance video showed the two struggling for several seconds inside the store before Rojo fled and was followed into the parking lot by the officer.

Alejandro Rojo is seen both before (left) and after his arrest in images provided by his family.

Alejandro Rojo is seen both before (left) and after his arrest in images provided by his family.

A second struggle ensued, when police say Rojo again tried to disarm the officer.

More officers arrived at the scene and “attempted multiple force techniques in an attempt to stop the suspect from attempting to disarm the officer,” the news release read.

Cellphone video captured outside the store showed officers striking Rojo several times as they restrained him on the ground.

The initial officer suffered a broken hand as a result of the struggle with Rojo, who had multiple abrasions and cuts, according to the news release.

Police stated that Rojo was treated at a hospital and released after being medically cleared.

Rojo’s family told KTLA the 22 year old was in a hospital Thursday morning and undergoing a series of tests after being badly injured in during the arrest.

"I want people to know that he's a good kid ... They can say whatever they want but I know my kid," Rojo's father, Arturo Rojo said.

Authorities were using the store's surveillance video in their investigation into the arrest, and hoped to obtain the cellphone footage as well, according to the news release.

Investigators said they later determined Rojo had been tearing open medical supply packages and possibly ingesting the contents before he was approached by the officer, according to the news release.

Rojo was booked on suspicion of attempting to disarm a police officer, resisting a police officer causing injury, obstructing a police officer causing injury, retail property trespassing and – being under the influence of a controlled substance (pending lab results), the Police Department stated.


  • Opinion8d

    Rough arrest??? yeah, poor little boy getting ‘roughed’ up because he resisted. Should have gone old school and kicked his as$.

  • Jason

    I clearly observed him reach for his gun right after being engaged in the store. They did him a favor by not shooting his dumb ass. PCP gives superman strength as well as excited delerium. But he’s going to be the victim. Good job boys. Showed good restraint. Those blows you see are called focused strikes. Same as hitting a forearm to release a weapon from the hand. This is used to weaken an limb to gain control of it. Only someone who is hopped up on drugs can fight through that, cause they don’t feel pain. So all you abuse baiters (MEDIA). Learn something before you air things. Worthless human beings.

  • Jim

    I dont see what the problem is……. he is clearly resisting and fighting the cops and he broke an officers hand. it was a Justified use of force some one tell BLM the story of the boy who cried wolf they may learn something from it.


    2 oz. of lead pushed by a .357 Mag. into temple usually shuts most down. I guess I wold have not lasted long as a cop.

  • walloffthenorthside

    Glad your your continuing with your anti police bias fox 6. I think this idiot wasn’t injured enough for attempting to grab a police officers gun. I’m shocked you didn’t refer to the suspect as a victim of police brutality.

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