Donald Trump talks health, weight, exercise with Dr. Oz

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Donald Trump, the man whose doctor claims would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” doesn’t exercise, wants to lose at least 15 pounds and is on medication to control his cholesterol.

Those are the some of the things the Republican presidential nominee discussed on the “The Dr. Oz Show” Wednesday morning, according to audience members that CNN interviewed after the taping.

The biggest takeaway? Trump, according to Trump’s doctor — Dr. Harold N. Bornstein — is the epitome of health.

“He said that he’s in great shape and Oz seemed to agree based on the letter from his doctor,” audience member Carmela Villa told CNN.

In the lengthy sit-down with celebrity TV host Dr. Oz set to air on Thursday, Trump shared at least some of the results of a physical check-up he underwent last week. The TV appearance might give the appearance of transparency, but the summary by Bornstein will likely fall far short of experts’ calls for detailed information about Trump’s health and medical history. The campaign says it will release detailed information from the exam later in the week.

Wednesday’s interview comes as the health of both Trump and his opponent, Hillary Clinton, have taken center stage in the 2016 election. The Clinton campaign revealed on Sunday that she was recently diagnosed with pneumonia — a development that has led to calls for more transparency and information on both nominees’ medical records and histories. Trump’s interview was scheduled prior to Clinton’s health incident.

Here is what we learned about Trump’s health, according to the audience members who were inside “The Dr. Oz Show” taping:

Trump would like to lose some weight. “Trump said he should lose 15 to 20 pounds,” said audience member Sheldon Hosten.

So how much does Trump weigh, anyway? He’s 6’3″ and weighs 236 pounds, according to Villa’s recollection (some other publications said the weight mentioned at the taping was 267 pounds).

Trump is on Statins — drugs that help to lower cholesterol.

Presumably thanks to the drugs, Trump’s cholesterol level is now normal.

We all know Trump loves to play golf. Well, he wishes he were doing it more: “He said ‘yes,’ he would like to play golf more — he used to play more golf,” audience member Giulia Trojer said.

Trump also claimed he’s good enough to play with the PGA, according to audience member Kelly Platt.

Trump proudly eats a fair amount of fast food when he’s out on the road. According to Platt, Trump said he instructs the person picking up his food order to refrain from saying the food is for Trump — because he worries the food may be tampered with.