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“A freak occurrence:” 13-year-old girl suffers graze wound during struggle with police at Thoreau Elementary

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MILWAUKEE -- An unruly 13-year-old student suffered a graze wound following a struggle with police at Thoreau Elementary School located near N. 60th and Bradley in Milwaukee, on Thursday, September 15th.

Thoreau Elementary School

Thoreau Elementary School

The girl was transported to Children's Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"His firearm, while still in the holster, discharged," said Milwaukee Police Captain Raymond Banks.

Caption Banks says the supervisor of the school's resource officer was trying to speak with the student about an incident that occurred several days ago. Banks says that's when the student became physically combative.

During the struggle, police say an officer's gun discharged while still in the holster.

"At no time, was there any faculty, any teachers, any students, anyone else in the area in any danger," said Banks.

Thoreau Elementary School

Thoreau Elementary School

Many parents, though initially feared the worst, say they were left in the dark about their children's safety.

Dad, Tracy Warwick, found his eight-year-old son in tears as he picked him up.

Thoreau Elementary School

Thoreau Elementary School

"In a peaceful situation, he don't get a whole lot of excitement. So when something like that happens, he knows, protect yourself. He's a little bugged about it but he's alright," said Warwick.

Despite the scare, Warwick's son will be back in class Friday. He says he realizes accidents happen.

"For the most part, everybody is just doing their jobs," said Warwick.

Raymond Banks

Raymond Banks

"We're still working on it, just a freak occurrence, we're working on what happened," said Banks.

Since police are still trying to determine how the gun went off, the incident is not being investigated as an officer-involved shooting. Because of that, the officer is not being placed on any kind of leave.

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  • Tara

    The school was placed on a 2 hour lockdown cause my kid attends here. Why is the news still lying about what happened. I can’t wait until the truth comes out. Very skewed information and I am disappointed in fox6. Get your facts straight. IF your misreporting this incident what else are you making up?

    • trinitee

      That is true I’m one of the students there and we had to go some where safe and stay quiet but my class just talks all the time and that’s when we heard the gun we where there for 2 hours locked in our room then we heard them say ok we are still in a could red teachers stay remanded in the class rooms with your students then some one looked in our class room but it was a teacher trying to talk to the home room teacher about what to do. Scariest moment ever in my life and the longest could red ever.

  • leaving kilwaukee

    How is it a 13 year old child confronts a LEO. This is becoming an everyday thing. It is evident there is no respect for human life and should be treated as such with swift and harsh justice to eliminate the threat

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    Two days in a row we hear about thirteen year olds physically assaulting police. Can you imagine what these little idiots are going to be like as adults. I think social workers should take them away from their parents. Their parents obviously are not capable of raising them correctly!

    • Henry Rearden

      “Can you imagine what these little idiots are going to be like as adults.”
      Free thinkers?

      “I think social workers should take them away from their parents. Their parents obviously are not capable of raising them correctly!”
      Translation: I think violent acts should be carried out against my neighbors by agents of the state (because I’m too cowardly to do it myself) because people who stand up for themselves scare me! Their parents are not capable of indoctrinating them to my satisfaction!

  • Miltown414

    I bet the Kid reached for the gun. A struggle for the gun insued and the gun went off. Maybe a kid with mental issues.

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