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“Nobody should be shocked:” Governor Walker reacts to leaked John Doe documents

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MILWAUKEE -- Governor Scott Walker would not say if he pursued corporate cash for a conservative group. Documents leaked to a British news paper say he did. Thursday, September 15th Walker faced questions for the first time since those documents were published.

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

The governor seems to be blaming the leak on the people who led the John Doe investigation into his 2012 recall campaign. Thursday, he would not answer some questions -- and at least one of his answers changed over the course of the day.

At a contentious news conference in Edgerton, Governor Walker would not say if he solicited money on behalf of the Wisconsin Club for Growth.

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

"This is old news, this has been cleared up multiple times," said Walker.

At first, he would not answer if he continues to direct money to the group. But, at a second news conference in Neenah, the governor had a different answer.

Walker was asked, "Governor, do you continue to solicit donations for the Wisconsin Club for Growth?"

"I don't right now," responded Walker.

The Guardian newspaper has published hundreds of pages leaked from the supposedly secret, now-closed John Doe investigation into Walker's 2012 recall campaign.the-guardian

Investigators were asking if Walker's campaign coordinated with the Club for Growth.

Last year, the State Supreme Court shut down the investigation, finding nothing illegal.

Peter Barca

Peter Barca

"People who failed to win in the court of law have chosen to leak bits and portions of things to try to win in the court of public opinion, without giving people a full perspective," Walker said.

Walker is also answering allegations of pay to play.

In 2013, the governor signed a law retroactively protecting lead paint manufacturers from health-related lawsuits. The leaked documents show one of the companies' owners had given $750,000 to the Club for Growth.

"There's a stench in this building," said Senate Minority Leader, Peter Barca.

Democrats say it's a payback. But Walker says he had talked about stopping "frivolous lawsuits" for years.

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

"Nobody should be shocked that I did what I said I was going to do," said Walker.

Attorney General Brad Schimel says he is deeply concerned by the leak and is reviewing his legal options.

In Edgerton, Walker would not say if he wanted Schimel to investigate.

Three prosecutors, including Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reopen the John Doe case.


  • Libsareliars

    Oh poor Ken do you think every other politician isn’t taking money this way? If you don’t think so you are pretty naive and stupid. Go research crooked Hillary and get back to me .

  • Clemenza

    Didn’t some of the dem senators leave the state so as not to vote. Kinda smells like a unionista move. All this started with a beer summit. How is everyone doing for the last 7 years. Crime is up, costs are up. no real change or hope until regime change. But the brainwashed libs keep voting themselves into oblivion just like a teen using moms’ credit card to go shopping unabated.


    Sad little FOX6 is still on the Walker-bashing week… pity. I guess those brainless man-child liberals running the station can’t find any real news and don’t want to “bash” their own wrinkled-bag of a leader Hillary. Keep dishing out your obviously-biased liberal garbage FOX6, you’re just making your own reputation more worthless every day!

  • Jonathon Winters

    Once again, Whacker is shown to be lying corrupt SOB. The best thing would be for him to crawl back under his rock. His political future has long been determined to be OVER. Say buh-bye…

  • Thomas

    A Wisconsin judge found that there was no illegal activity. The Wisconsin State Supreme court found that there was no illegal activity according to Wisconsin state law. A United States Federal District judge found that there was no illegal activity. This is why Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm (one million dollars spent for nearly nothing) has to appeal to the US Supreme Court. He and the others have lost in every other legal forum. Goodness, John Chisholm, how much more tax payer money do you want to spend on this losing case? Do people really think that a Federal judge was not impartial or was bribed? How does an incompetent and wasteful prosecutor keep his job?

    I am no big fan of Scott Walker, but Chisholm is starting to look like the corrupt one. Don’t be surprised if Walker goes after him for malicious prosecution. I am beginning to think that he will have a case after Chisholm goes 0 for 4.

  • ideploreidotas

    I hope Ole Scott Boy ( Chancellor of Little Germany) ends his long standing career “Indicted!” Karma is a MOFO, here is the biggest kicker, incarcerate him in the same penal institutions built by his political donors. Once Ole Scott is the recipient of an inmate number, allow his fate to be sealed akin to Jeffery Dahmer’s!

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