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Doctors save baby of pregnant woman gunned down in Chicago; baby named “Miracle”

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CHICAGO -- Doctors saved the baby of a pregnant woman who was shot and killed in the South Chicago neighborhood.

19-year-old Parasha Beard was sitting in a car with a 26-year-old man at 87th and Marquette around 6:10 p.m. Sunday, September 18th when someone pulled up in another car and opened fire.

Beard was shot in the neck, and the man was shot in the neck and chest.

She was pronounced dead at Northwestern Hospital, and the man remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Beard's family learned that doctors were able to save her baby, who wasn't due until December. Relatives say the infant is doing well, and they named the baby "Miracle."

Beard leaves behind a four-year-old daughter.

Police say the man shot is a known gang-member, but haven't stated if he was the target.

No one is in custody.

Detectives are checking street surveillance video for clues.


  • Opinion8d

    Just another example of the oppression that black people face……this piece of trash is 19, has a 4 yr old kid and is pregnant again and hanging out with a gang member. This is a major problem in the black community -how does she expect to raise a kid at 15? or two kids at 19?? Just to raise future degenerates who grow up thinking that white people are oppressing them?? The one doing the oppressing is the piece of trash bringing kids into the world that she can’t begin to raise or provide the necessary support needed.

  • #childrenlifesmatter

    She was a child having a child. Most likely dI’d not have a decent upbringing , someone to love, shape and guide ms beard . Victim of circumstances. No need to add insult to injury. The 2 innocent children left behind are victims too. Hoping and praying they will be guided and loved and given opportunities to rise and shine despite their hard beginnings. I had my first child at 18. Went on to get my bachelor’s and later masters. But only because I had a support system surrounded by good decent hard working family as examples. My first child now 20 is the joy in my life …one of my best friends. No regrets whatsoever. Rip ms beard. May your little angels on earth have the chance for happiness .

    • Opinion8d

      Congrats on your success, but all too often those living in poverty don’t have a support system and her kids will most likely follow in her footsteps. It’s a very sad cycle and unfortunately, breaking it is not easy. What does get passed down though is the thought that black are oppressed -when in most cases, it’s their own decisions that direct their life.

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