Facebook photos of man allegedly dragging girl through Walmart by her hair spark investigation

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CLEVELAND, Texas — Facebook photos showing a man apparently pulling a young girl through a Texas Walmart by her hair have prompted a police investigation after sparking outrage on social media.

Erika Burch said she took the photos after noticing that he was gripping the little girl’s hair to the shopping cart handle and “dragging” her as she cried, “Please stop. I promise I won’t do it again. Please stop!”

(Courtesy: Erika Burch)

(Courtesy: Erika Burch)

Burch, who was shopping with her husband, said she asked the man to let go of the girl’s hair and was told to mind her own business. After the argument started escalating, Burch said she called police, but a sergeant told her he couldn’t make an arrest without evidence of bodily injury.

Burch said the sergeant told her that the Walmart shopper “has the right to discipline his children.”

(Courtesy: Erika Burch)

(Courtesy: Erika Burch)

“People are telling me I’m wrong for stepping up for this little girl, but you can discipline a child without dragging them by the hair on their head, especially in Walmart,” Burch told KTRK.

Burch’s Facebook post has been shared tens of thousands of times, and after “numerous calls” the Cleveland Police Department announced on its own page that there is currently a joint investigation underway between police and Child Protective Services.

Cleveland police Chief Darrel Broussard told KPRC-TV that he was “very concerned for the well-being of the child.”

Police would not give any updates into the investigation Tuesday evening.


  • Justin

    Apparently none of you have been to a Texas Wal-Mart. I recenntly saw a group of 3 to 5 year olds running through the store breaking things, talking about stealing toys, and when one of the parents tried to take the youngest one outside, she screamed “LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE!!!!” and tried to kick her. This new generation of children is spoiled, entitled, lack respect for anything and have no self control. Why? Because of the whiney generation before them crying child abuse over discipline. We are raising a bunch of weaklings to be lifelong crybabies. Those will be the ones “taking care of you” when you’re old – hope you enjoy it!

    • confused

      yup. I also keep wondering how they will ever get and hold a job. What will our firemen, nurses and police men be? Will they even go for those jobs since they are so narcissistic? Will they all be mayors for the feel good criminals of cities? Very scary.

  • So what

    Big man torturing a little girl freaking animal thug dirt bags. Tough guy POS! Put him in jail and let them give him what he is looking for. Animal.

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