“There was a clown standing over me:” Sheriff’s officials in Tennessee investigate report of knife-wielding clown

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SMMITVILLE, Tennessee — The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department says they have received a report about a clown attacking a juvenile in the Summitville, Tennessee area.

The victim told police that he swung at the clown and was cut with a knife. His attacker was wearing a red hoodie and clown mask.

The teen then ran to someone’s home.

“I was walking on the road, heard something behind me, swung on it, cut my hand, fell down,” said the alleged victim. “Looked up and saw there was a clown standing over me. I ran to these people’s house.”

Deputies searched the area but did not find the clown.

Tullos told WSMV he has tendon damage to his hand and will likely need surgery.

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves said anyone who is intentionally scaring or hurting someone can be arrested.

“The clown thing has taken off in social media and you see it all across the United States,” Graves said. “Our theory is someone is going to get hurt. More and more people are going to start doing it and it’s funny and they’re going to jump out and scare the wrong person and they’re either going to get shot or hurt seriously,” Graves said.

Graves said there are also reports of someone dressed the same way jumping out at people in nearby Grundy County. He warned residents not to dress up as clowns for Halloween.

The department is working to verify the legitimacy of the reported attack.

The sheriff said he will prosecute anyone filing a false report. Anyone who dresses up as a clown and jumps out at people can also be arrested for disorderly conduct or assault.



    Would the Sheriff allow me to dress up as….. say……a Hooker and jump out at people? Is it the Clown thing or the jumping out at people thing?

    • Julie

      Id say the jumping out at people thing! People can dress up however they want however they can NOT jump out at someone without a negative result!

  • Julie

    This clown thing is NO joke… God forbid someone jokingly or creeply jumped out at me with any type of threatening presence , I would definitely without hesitation shoot them especially if my children were by my side. So would my husband and family and friends I’ve spoke to about this!!!!
    Hopefully Florida police and police all over the U.S take this seriously, take action and shut it down before too many people get hurt!

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