Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program launches in Milwaukee County

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MILWAUKEE — The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) is now more accessible than ever! The program kicked off this season by opening two new locations in Milwaukee.

The grand opening at the new locations was held on Saturday, September 24th.

The two new locations are:

  • South side: 5663 S. 27th Street
  • North side: 6918 W. Brown Deer Road


The program allows qualified residents to sign up for a one-time annual payment, making energy bills more affordable.

To learn more about who is eligible to apply for energy assistance, CLICK HERE.


  • leaving kilwaukee

    how is it that not one of those COWS weighs less than 300 pounds looks like if a little less was spent on KFC they would not need energy assistance they would have the money .Oh wait they don’t pay for food or medical or housing

  • Opinion8d

    Tax dollars wasted once again. When you have to pay an organization to give away free money, that a problem itself. They have to have a bouncy house, stage/dj, and who knows how many other give-a-ways. Plus, how many people/employees are just sitting there doing nothing? Sadly it’s just another handout so someone can spend their money on designer clothes, nails, weave, etc. There are those that truly need the help and then other degenerates that take advantage of the system -too many of the later……

  • confused

    The people that apply for this if NOT working because they refuse should have to fill out job applications as well as the energy assistance application.

  • confused

    Maybe ALL assistance programs should only be available at job fairs, at the very end of the booths so that you have to apply for at least 3 jobs in order to even FILL OUT an assistance application. You’d have all your id with you.

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