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Bucks president calls Milwaukee “most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life”

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin told a Madison audience on September 21st that Milwaukee “is the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life” in discussing how the Bucks arena district is designed to positively impact downtown Milwaukee -- according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting Feigin made his remarks during an appearance before the Rotary Club of Madison.

When contacted Monday, September 26th by the Business Journal, Feigin said via email that he was discussing the “hard truths” about the difficult issues facing the city of Milwaukee.

Here is the full quote from Feigin on Milwaukee race relations, according to the Wisconsin State Journal:

“Very bluntly, Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life. It just is a place that is antiquated. It is in desperate need of repair and has happened for a long, long time. One of our messages and one of our goals is to lead by example.”

Feigin told the Madison Rotary audience that the Bucks owners’ investment in the arena district will infuse life into a part of the city desperately in need, the State Journal is reporting.

“We know we can’t cure the world -- but we are very determined to get ourselves involved in programs that we can measure a difference in and put our claws into for a long period of time and show a difference," Feigin said.

CLICK HERE for much more on this story via the Milwaukee Business Journal.


    • Obama's Brolly (@ObamasBrolly)

      He is putting a staggering amount of poop into the lake and spending hundreds of millions on a trolley to nowhere. His other accomplishments………..well…….uh……….are…………give me a couple of days to get back to you. I mean, we have staggering black unemployment, crime that makes Detroit jealous and are aiming to be “Chicago North”. So, we have that.

  • Bean

    Good luck, pal.
    Too bad the city is putting money toward a new Bucks arena and that silly trolley instead of police.
    What a waste.

      • milwaukee lover

        He could have turned down this money for the better meant of the community. Not enough people will ride this boondoggle to support itself EVER. This means more taxes from the people of Milwaukee. And the only people living in Milwaukee that can be taxed are the one’s having jobs. This means that they, too, will need to leave the city, because they will see their money erode due to overtaxation. If he’d not accepted this money, he could have taxed he people to fund more police, bring more support to poor people and given jobs to more. It is proven again, Democrats don’t know how to run a city.

    • JonB

      You do realize that Walker pushed for this stadium as well and it just isn’t a stadium, but other businesses and entertainment complexes going up as well. It’s funny that when an outsider comes in and gives an unbiased opinion over what he’s noticed since being here we tell him to get out or make excuses.

  • Huh !

    How is a new building going to make a difference ???
    How do you plan on measuring the impact on society (good or bad) once this project is open to the public (who can’t afford going to see the Bucks play now) ???
    Ah, I see … more wealthier, innocent victims of the downtrodden Milwaukee residents to prey on !

  • Jim Smith

    And yet you worked very hard to convince everyone that we should give up money to build your 2nd rate team a new arena. I thinkyou shod take your paid, pampered players and find osmewhere else to play.
    It is’t like all this wasn’t happening when you ought the team.

    • Matthew Flanigan

      He didn’t buy the team, he doesn’t own the team. The Bucks owners are Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry. Feigin is the President which basically puts him in charge of running day to day operations and what not, but he doesn’t own the team.

  • PH

    Yet the average inner city Milwaukee resident can afford your ridiculous overpriced tickets? Almost $80 for a lower level seat. A new stadium is going to help, good thinking.

  • Opinion8d

    I don’t think he’s saying anything I haven’t heard before about being very segregated. The racist part is harder to determine. Is he concluding that since it’s segregated it must be due to racism? And just because it’s segregated, is that a bad thing?

    • Obama's Brolly (@ObamasBrolly)

      He is assuming we are going to support his team after his slobbering over how awesome Hillary is and his liberal think. He will be lucky if any of his customer base feels the need to see his crap team. I for one will never have my shadow darken where his team plays, even if I am given free tickets. The Bucks should have moved and the Admirals and Brewers should be top dogs in the hell hole of MKE.

  • Obama's Brolly (@ObamasBrolly)

    Can’t be. Milwaukee is a Utopia that has been under Democrat and Socialist rule for over a century. They preach acceptance and tolerance. He is grossly mistaken. This city loves the fact that they are #5 in crime, have several MPS schools with 0% proficiency, have 65% black male unemployment between 18-35 years of age and is proud of their 600 car thefts/jackings a month. This is the liberal utopia they strive for! It can’t be negative like Mr. Whoosits says it is.

  • Jon Heil

    Laugh, who even watches the overpaid tall amazon league who doesnt play any defense or flops, move them out of town then, we dont need them.

  • Hacked@Yahoo

    Safe to assume Feigin lives on the north side then? If you want to end segregation the rent is cheap and there’s plenty of vacancy, Mr. Feigin.

  • Matt B

    This is coming from a guy who was not raised in Milwaukee. To break it down I live on the south side of Milwaukee. Next to me is a black family. Across the street in a Mexican family. Down the block is another Mexican family and another black family. A another white family next to me as well and across the street. I am white myself. So you see Milwaukee is very diverse it just depends where you go. For instance go to the North side and it is mostly black. Go a few miles North of where Iive and it is mostly Mexican. I would assume some of these families moved to the area to get away from problem areas but I don’t blame the people I blame the system. In Milwaukee if you commit a crime a lot of times you just get a slap on the wrist your first time so you do not learn anything and then you commit another crime. Get the picture. It keeps repeating itself. The real problem is the school system. They are taking major funding away from the schools in the problem areas and giving it to areas in where my kids go to school. Good for my family but bad for everyone in a problem area. My kids go to school with kids named Cezar, Jesus, Joe, Steve, Jamari, Gab, Mike, Tyrone etc…very diverse but not everyone can move to a non problem area due to financial reasons. So they have to take their kids to the closest school in the problem area and they are doomed from the start. I could go on and on about the Milwaukee public school system but most people would not read a 10 page comment

    • Opinion8d

      @Matt B – If you don’t already know it – you’re a liberal. You don’t blame the people but the system??? That’s the problem nowadays. Nobody wants to judge another person, instead blame some non-tangible source. People decide to break the law and live like animals. People decide that education is important -it’s not the ‘system’ making those decisions. Furthermore, your lame excuse about funding of schools is completely wrong. That is NOT the problem. The problem rest squarely on the parent(s) who fail to raise their kids and the culture that places no value on an education. No amount of money is going to change that. MPS already outspends everyone else on a per-pupil basis and yet they produce failures!!! Is it because the teachers are bad or don’t care -NO -it’s because they are dealing with adults who bring children into the world when they are incapable of raising those kids. Those kids are brought up with no morals, no values, and no structure whatsoever. And then the cycle repeats. However, look at the Mexican families on the south side. They tend to have stronger family bonds and even will send their kids to parochial schools. They don’t have a lot of money either, but they work hard, and while many may have language barriers, they more often succeed. Additionally, look at the Asian immigrants who come to this country and don’t speak the language, don’t have any money, and somehow rise to the top. Poverty is not the reason for crime -it’s an excuse!! And until you start blaming PEOPLE, and not the system, our votes will continue to cancel each others out.

      • Matt B

        Thanks for your positive comment. That is my opinion and sorry if you think it is lame. You attack to make yourself feel like “YOUR” opinion is correct. Once again it is only an opinion. Thanks also for telling me my political position on never even meeting me before. It sound like you have given up on the human race and the goodness we all have inside. I use to feel the same way you do but I realized if I keep thinking that way then we are all doomed because we all have to get along no matter what.

    • Huh !

      I don’t want to say you’re incorrect but, I’m a south sider, living in a diverse neighborhood and my grandkids have classmates bussed in from all over the city….There is school choice here ! So if there’s individuals having a problem making the grade it’s probably the individual having a learning disability (or maybe another student/s with a behavior problem or just plain bad attitude that disrupts the other students, that our school system can’t or won’t deal with) !

  • MikeHunt

    Uh-huh. And forcing the middle class to pay for that undeserved arena is gonna make the bucks play better? And this will improve race relations how? Are you Hitlery Clinton in disguise?

  • confused

    Then step up. You can hire all the convicted felons,addicts, and car jackers of all colors. Pay them $20 an hour so they are off the system. Provide them transportation. See how many days in a row they show up. See how honest they are. Get those gang members of rival gangs working side by side. Get people of all colors working side by side. Hire them for everything from peanut vendors to security. Give them all a chance.

    • TRUTH

      So Doug Ericson …you are saying we don’t need a Black Mayor because we would turn into Detroit….

      WELL MR. LOW I.Q. BABY RACIST…..I guess this Country does not need another WHITE MALE PRESIDENT EVER AGAIN…….. because hey look at GEORGE W. BUSH ……….

      You people are too easy to DEFEAT!!!@

  • Justin

    It’s unfortunate that he said that. The segregation in our city is not a function of racism, and as politically conservative white guy living in mixed neighborhood, I don’t agree at all with his statement. The statement that you get from almost anyone who visits the brew city is how nice the people are. Milwaukee really is known for that. Are we just a bunch of really nice racists? I laugh at the concept. Milwaukeeans care about each other and their city. That’s one reason that we are seeing a large migration to the city, and it’s way those protests/riots dissipated quickly. We’re above that type of thinking. Mr. Feigin is pushing a false narrative.

  • Joe Bones

    It’s not ‘segregation’ if you can live anywhere you like. You do have to have the money but going to school and actually trying plus putting forth an effort to be hardworking and trustworthy would go a long way toward making more money rather than not caring about school, joining a gang and acting like a jerk because it’s ‘cool’ and everyone else is racist.

  • Sheila Moyet

    Segregated? How does he figure that? There is NO area in Milwaukee that you can go where there aren’t blacks. They are on the east side, south side and west side. They are EVERYWHERE! Even surrounding communities like West Allis, Waukesha, Wawatosa, etc have blacks. Just take a ride through West Allis and you will see black faces all over. I do a lot of my shopping in New Berlin which is considered a white area and there are plenty of blacks. This man doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s just trying to stir up more racial drama.

    • Scott

      Completely disagree. When pressed for examples of these most grievous, shameful examples of the “worst” racism that has fostered his opinion, Mr. Feigen offered … Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch. His response was incoherent rambling along the lines of “It’s kind of in the air”.

      If he appoints himself to be the messenger, he has a responsibility to speak intelligently to the message that he is championing. Otherwise, best to keep your mouth shut and not prove yourself an idiot. I now question his ability to be in a position of leadership … as this is communication 101. So yes, he is fully deserving of every verbal arrow offered his way.

  • Alf

    Peter Feigin is a POS. Basically, he thinks Milwaukee is a racist place. If it’s so bad there, then why did they not
    just move out of town vs. persuading, (suckering), Milwaukee into building them a new arena. The city should
    stop construction right now and tell the Bucks to take a flying f@#& out of town. Nobody cares about the Bucks
    or the NBA for the most part anyways. Also, since Feigin thinks Milwaukee is so segregated, then perhaps
    he might find a way for more white people to be on the Bucks roster.

  • John Abramson

    As a Milwaukee resident and a longstanding customer of the Bucks, this is pretty offensive to me. Do we have issues, yes. Are there problems, yes, However, I’d like to see examples of what makes us the MOST racist city. I feel these comments are ridiculous and insulting.



    • Scott

      OK, I’ll bite. “BUT BY ACTUAL NUMBERS AND FACTS”. What are these numbers and facts that have been documented indicating that Milwaukee is the most racist city in America? Where can I find them? What city came in second?

      When you perpetuate the myth without substantive data (and I’ve looked, you won’t find any) … you are part of the problem.

  • Z

    Feel free to move then. I think Seattle still wants a team.

    The Bucks are irrelevant, not even a huge waste of money arena will save them.

  • Kevin

    Those same white racist bigots hate it when they are called out or exposed … read the comments and you will know exactly who they are. The man is right on point and the reason you inbreeds don’t care to hear it because you know it’s true. He should move his team outta there and to a venue that care about everyone. Let those bigots enjoy some hockey or something

  • Kevin

    That’s right you idoits (just like Trump) ramble on about everything except the reason to why they are so afraid and racist …blah, blah, blah

    • Scott

      Kevin – You must have missed the memo. The days of using words like “bigots” and racists” to bully people in a discussion has followed the path of the boy who cried wolf. Nobody takes you seriously when you do it. Your bleeding liberal heart is showing. Personally, I kind of feel sorry that you are still stuck in 2015. Do you have the same passion for insulting liberal, soft on crime, judges who keep releasing criminals to claim more victims? I hope so. I’ll stand next to you on that effort. Still waiting for somebody to offer facts on the most racist city in America. Direct me to the data. Show me what city finished second to Milwaukee. Otherwise, all of this emotional bluster is … well, emotion filled bluster. I am sure the Bucks President regrets having made such a foolish comment. Worse, he has no examples to back up his “opinion”.

      This is a free country. You can live anywhere that you want if you can afford it. Segregation isn’t forced. Some cities have Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Korea, etc. etc. etc. Ethnic groups congregate for personal choice, comfort, customs. Looking for some evil underlying motive where none exists, results in fact-less, emotional, sophomoric posts with name calling and detracts from actually addressing problems. Does racism exist in America … Of course. Is it perpetuated by all races … of course. You will always have groups like the Westboro Baptists, the Klan and BLM. They will also always comprise a very small minority because most people don’t share their belief systems. Unfortunately, they get all the press coverage. The reason why there have been no solutions presented in the last 12 years of the Barrett administration is because you can’t legislate to fix things that aren’t broken. Well, except for Healthcare. Sigh

  • Nate

    I live in Milwaukee, and have most of my life. I have been to 48 states on the continental United States, and every major city in these states. Is Milwaukee segregated? Absolutely. I was a little shocked when research revealed that we, Milwaukee, were the most segregated. The most racist? No even close. Go down south for that. Just like the rest of America, Milwaukee, as time progresses is becoming more integrated and tolerate. These inflammatory and exaggerated remakes, unfortunately, were done to try and prove some inane point he was trying to make, such a distract the public that $500 million dollars were taken away from public school to pay for the Milwaukee Bucks stadium. Also, where does he live in Milwaukee? Probably in one of Milwaukee’s segregated white areas.

  • Lamont Bobo

    Take your money grubbing sorry ass back to NYC you POS!! Your arena mostly financed by taxpayers is going to save the city and help people living below the poverty line?? How stupid do you think people are other than mayor mccheese and his flunkies??

  • Grace

    Temporary services may have been already contracted for the part time minimum wages they’ll pay the poor to cater to someone who paid more for a ticket than their wage!with police budget all time low,,,seems legit for this city,night games,heroin addicts/versus panhandlers?and they come in every RACE!

  • Rod Humpal

    I will support any and all effort to boycott the Milwaukee Bucks. Mr. Fagan has provided no solutions nor made an effort to improve relations in Milwaukee. The community should not support his team. Nor his allegations. Go back to New York.

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