City releases ‘disturbing’ body camera video of Greensboro, North Carolina arrest

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Body camera video released Monday, September 26th shows a police officer using "disturbing," excessive force, according to city leaders in Greensboro, North Carolina.

After releasing the video, city council members voted 8-0 in favor of a resolution calling for the permanent suspension of former Greensboro officer Travis Cole's law enforcement certification.

The video shows Cole displaying "wrongful conduct" during an incident on June 17, according to WGHP.

When city leaders released the video during a press conference Monday, several people applauded.

The incident began with Cole and another officer responding to a possible breaking and entering call. When they arrived at the house, Dejuan Yourse was sitting on the porch.

Body cameras on both Cole and his partner captured what happened next, now described by police as Cole using excessive force on Yourse, who wasn't injured.

An investigation was conducted on Cole and Greensboro City Manager Jim Westmoreland says there could be criminal charges.

Last Tuesday night, Greensboro City Council got the opportunity to view the body camera video and voted to release it to the public.

“Well, it's horrible! And I say this as a white male representative,” said Greensboro City Councilman Mike Barber last week.

“I was very concerned and disturbed about what I saw,” Westmoreland said.

Cole had resigned from the Greensboro Police Department in August in light of the investigation. Because he resigned, charges against him were dropped. But he would still be able to work in law enforcement elsewhere.

During Monday's press conference, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Yourse, who was in attendance, calling the incident "ugly." She read a resolution calling for the permanent suspension of Cole's law enforcement certification.  The resolution passed by council members 8-0.

Numerous people spoke after the resolution, saying the resolution was not enough.

This is not the first time Cole has been in trouble with the department. In August 2014, Devin and Rufus Scales were arrested by Cole for blocking traffic on an empty street, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Devin recorded his brother being handcuffed without incident, sparking questions about why he was charged. Those charges were eventually dropped and Cole was suspended.


  • Opinion8d

    Excellent point about questioning who he was calling as well as what was the follow up story. From an inexperienced person, it seems like the cops should just leave him alone and let him wait. Seems reasonable and he was being cooperative. Yet, what most people don’t know, and have no experience with, is how so many people lie, and the signs they display when things aren’t kosher. What seems like a simple ‘mom’s not home yet and I’m locked out’ is that the guy doesn’t stay there all the time, doesn’t have a key, doesn’t have his own access to the home, was reported for trying to lift the garage door with the shovel (supposedly to check on the dog which is BS because he would have heard the dog if it was in there). The cops played it all off like he fine (to calm the situation) until they could verify the story -which they weren’t able to do. They guy didn’t have ID, he supposedly called his mom -who was just getting off the highway, but was still not there yet and for some reason not answering her phone, and then was calling who knows who, to come to the house because the police were harassing him!??!? At that point the cop stops the conversation and the guy begins to flip out. He’s a big guy and decisive action was warranted since he wasn’t cooperating. Even during and after the initial confrontation, you could see the guy was on and off with his behavior.

    Now, looking at it like a liberal…..they would say the guy wasn’t doing anything and was just sitting there waiting. The cops didn’t drive by and harass the guy for no reason -someone called because of suspicious behavior. So next, they would say the guy wanted to go to the neighbor’s house who knows him -why not just verify it that way? Once again, the cops have no idea who the guy really is or the threat. Imagine if they walked him over there to verify his identity and the guy flipped out and caused harm to that neighbor? Takes him hostage or whatever…that’s not a position the cops put themselves or others in. Then, why not just let the guy chill on the porch to wait for his mom? Once again, imagine if they did just leave him. Maybe he was just in a fight with his mom and threatened her and the police left without making contact that it’s okay for him to be there. While that may sound strange or odd, like anyone else could do that, once again, the cops were called there based on someone trying to ‘break in’. The story with the dog sounded questionable. He can’t reach his mom on the phone….and yet the cops should just leave and say ‘sound good bro’?? They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Look at the Dahmer incident. They are trained and have certain protocols and it’s based on years of experience on dealing with people. People need to change their perspective and look at it from a cops point of view. It’s just like doing your own job and having someone come in and second guess every little decision made. (all while they are yelling obscenities as well)….

    • Robert

      I totally agree. Why can’t people understand that the police were just waiting for the mom to show up to make sure everything was truly alright with this situation, and with Dejuan being there? And that by him calling some unknown person and telling them to come over because the po-lice is harrasin him…. that is a threat to the officers. And yeah, if mom was just getting off the freeway, what took her so long to get there?!?! Lots of questionable circumstances with this situation. From what I saw in the videos, that police officer did not deserve to lose his job. I don’t think he acted out of line at all.

  • Thomas

    This is now a common… police get caught… they resign before charges are pressed… and they can go be a police officer somewhere else. that way the city and police department can give the appearance of doing something without really punishing the crime of the officer. Wake up America!

  • bakkhus

    Why didn’t your story include that the department initially cleared him of wrongdoing and even promoted him after this incident?

    • Ken

      Because it would keep the station from ever getting the spoon fed gibberish from the police department in the future. It would constitute serious investigative journalism, rather than simply parroting what they were told by some high priced public leech.

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