Construction of new Milwaukee Bucks arena closes Juneau Avenue for 2 years

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Juneau Avenue

MILWAUKEE — Construction of the new Milwaukee Bucks arena is shutting down a two-block stretch of Juneau Avenue for nearly two years.

The street closed Monday, September 26th between 4th and 6th Streets, and Department of Public Works officials said it will remain closed until mid-2018.

The new arena is scheduled to open in late summer or early fall 2018.

Juneau runs between the new arena and a new parking structure being built.

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  • Charles

    Whenever your city is in SHAMBLES, RIDDLED WITH CRIME, AND ON THE VERGE OF A RACE WAR building a new arena is the answer! Milwaukee can build new arenas but NOT HIRE MORE COPS????? No wonder this city is soooooooooooooooooooo F’d up!

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