Police: 12-year-old boy wounded when shots fired by someone in passing vehicle near Holton & Hadley

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say a 12-year-old boy was injured in a shooting that happened near Holton and Hadley.

It happened shortly before 4:00 p.m.

Police say the boy was seated in a vehicle when shots were fired by someone in a passing vehicle.

The victim and the vehicle in which he was seated were struck by gunfire.

The boy suffered a non-life threatening injury and was taken to a hospital.


MPD continues to seek the suspects and their vehicle and is investigating what led up to the incident.


  • confused

    Maybe someone should get all of these shooting reports, stabbings, etc to Peter, president of the Milwaukee Bucks. Tell us, Peter oh what should Milwaukee do? More free activities? More church involvement? More EBT and other assistance? More job fairs? More 2nd chance programs? It WAS 4 OCLOCK in the afternoon. Kid was probably on way home from school and gets shot. Maybe he wouldn’t steal a car and got shot at for it. Maybe he did steal a car at one time and got shot at for it. Maybe the shooter was trying to get into a gang.Maybe the driver of his car was in a gang or trying to get out and got shot at. This is Milwaukee. Welcome, Peter, welcome.

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