“Serious problem:” Neighbors near church, school at 22nd & Greenfield say prostitution out of control

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MILWAUKEE -- Neighbors on Milwaukee's near south side say prostitution has gotten out of control -- and city leaders are responding.

It's not ideal to step outside and see what neighbors near 22nd and Greenfield say is an everyday occurrence.

"We find needles. We`ve chased people sleeping in our backyard. We find used condoms on our church steps," Pastor Joel Jaeger with Christ Lutheran Church said.

22nd and Greenfield

Pastor Jaeger has lived in the area and worked at the Christ Lutheran Church near 22nd and Greenfield for the past 14 years. He said prostitution, fueled by drug addiction is plaguing Milwaukee's near south side.

Pastor Joel Jaeger

Pastor Joel Jaeger

"There's hardly a time night or day where there aren`t girls around waiting on the corners," Jaeger said.

The church has a school attached to it, and children often see crime unfolding before their eyes.

"There was a girl across the street, totally passed out, face down, sitting on the sidewalk at dismissal time. Our parents all saw that and our students saw that too," Paul Berger with Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School said.

Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School

Christ-St. Peter Lutheran School

They aren't the only ones who have noticed the problem.

Milwaukee police say they get one to two calls per day about prostitution in the area.

22nd and Greenfield

22nd and Greenfield

22nd and Greenfield

Alderman Bob Donovan

Alderman Bob Donovan

"We`ve got a serious, serious problem," Alderman Bob Donovan said.

Donovan chairs Milwaukee Common Council's Public Safety Committee, and the alderman for this district. The committee will take up this issue on Thursday, September 29th.

"I believe we need a consistent police presence and shoo these females off the streets and restore this neighborhood to some stability and then get them the treatment that they need," Donovan said.

"This is really a quality of life issue," Jaeger said.

22nd and Greenfield

Alderman Jose Perez said his district is also being affected. He said he's hopeful Thursday's meeting will help to coordinate efforts between police, the community and the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office.

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  • J

    It isn’t just 22nd and Greenfield. It is all of Greenfield and Lincoln on the Southside. The elective official always says something has to be done. Nothing is ever done or it takes years for them to decide what needs to be done.



  • So what

    Hey Bobbie boy concentrate on your quality of life issue in your district before always running to the Northside to point out their problems for camera time. Ole boy.

  • Kit

    Wow…the church is just complaining, why aren’t they attempting to help, isn’t that what God would want them to do.

  • denise

    They don’t need to shoo them away they need to find a solution because they will just go to another child filled neighbor hood. They need help for there problems.

  • Gary D. Hamilton

    If these women are doing this because they are addicted to drugs. Be more intelligent and follow them to their drug dealers. If the drug dealer stay’s more girls will come. Use your head people.

  • Geno Cidal

    Hey wouldn’t this be a great time to have a president like Duerte in the Philippines, we could seriously end this problem in a week, morgue will b stacked to the ceiling but the problem will be solved

  • Foolish

    Wow smart to advertise the fact that there are willing prostitutes over on 22nd greenfield. Way to spread the word to all the gentleman who are searching for sex. Now you will see even more prostitutes over in that area because now everyone knows that that is where they will get the most buisness.

  • Alicia

    How about going after the pimps trafficking them too and making them all drugged up and dependent. Most women don’t want to be prostitutes and sadly many are trafficked fearful and trapped.

  • Terry

    Much like everyone else this is the kind of thing that makes me upset. Sadly it’s for different reason. I put my money where my mouth went. Several years back I was driving the area and saw a girl nearly falling over in the street ready to be run over. My ignorant self didn’t realize that this girl was a street walker prostitute. Because of that error i offered to get her fed and a ride home so that she would be safe. That led to over the years learning about the area. I had several girls I tired to help to only find the to end of in jail or dead. The common denominator was the drug dealer. They are the modern day pimp. Those pimps don’t need to tell the girls to make them money. The stuff the push makes them so sick that the girls will do anything to “get the sick off”. Maybe the pastor (who has had several drug trap houses in his back yard), or the common counsel man actually did something about the drugs they would have less complaints about the neighborhood. Tip one, flood the market with methadone or soboxone. Those drugs will not get addicts high but at the same time take the “sick off”. Given the chance to also have a clean record would also go miles. There is a program in Detroit that allows addicts a chance to clean up the legal record if all the have is related to things such as possession of drugs or drug related material. Do I endorse allowing someone whose got a robbery conviction on their record to clean that up, NO. But half the problem would go away if they really took on the real source. But hey that would involve pulling over more black people in tinted window cars. BTW yes it’s true the vast majority of street dealers are black. Having been asked if i’d sell my car to them I know.

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