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“He beat her:” Mother of woman shot to death in Glendale says she was victim of domestic violence

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GLENDALE -- Glendale police say a 21-year-old Milwaukee man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old woman. The victim has been identified as Nya Hammond of Milwaukee. FOX6 News has learned Hammond was on her way to work when she was shot and killed.

Nya Hammond

Nya Hammond

Hammond's body was discovered in a parking lot in the 400 block of River Woods Parkway in Glendale around 5:30 a.m. on Monday, September 26th.

FOX6's Myra Sanchick spoke with Hammond's mother on Wednesday, September 28th -- who described her daughter as a dedicated mother to her three-year-old son, PJ and a hard worker -- getting up at 5:00 a.m. to clean the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin in the River Woods Parkway in Glendale.

On Monday, Hammond was on her way to work when her mother says she collapsed at the front door and died after she was shot.

Hammond's mother told FOX6 News the 21-year-old man who has been arrested in this case is the father of Hammond's child. Hammond's mother said Hammond left the man earlier in September due to domestic violence.

19-year-old Milwaukee woman found shot, killed in parking lot in Glendale

19-year-old Milwaukee woman found shot, killed in parking lot in Glendale

Nya Hammond

Nya Hammond

"She kind of kept it quiet because I guess she didn`t want to feel ashamed or want us to think we were ashamed of her or you`re stupid for going back with him," Hammond's mother, Shalonda Hammond said.

Shalonda Hammond said on September 12th, the 21-year-old man now facing charges for Hammond's murder allegedly beat her with an extension cord.

"She was at work one morning and she sent me a text and said 'this is why I left him.' And then a couple pictures popped up and she was in the bathroom taking pictures of where he beat her with an extension cord," Shalonda Hammond said.

Nya Hammond

Nya Hammond

Shalonda Hammond said her daughter had made contact with police, but hadn't filed an official report.

"She was getting to the point where she wanted to leave this dude for good. That`s why she showed me the pictures and made the statement. There`s even more pictures that I don`t want to show you," Shalonda Hammond said.

As she mourns the loss of her daughter, Shalonda Hammond said she has a message for others who are victims of domestic violence:

"Get out. Get out of the relationship because it`s not worth it. Take this and learn from it ladies, and mothers, and sons, and fathers," Shalonda Hammond said.

The 21-year-old man arrested in this case could be in court as soon as Thursday, September 29th.

19-year-old Milwaukee woman found shot, killed in parking lot in Glendale

19-year-old Milwaukee woman found shot, killed in parking lot in Glendale

LINKS: Helpful resources for those affected by domestic violence

Sojourner Family Peace Center 24-hour domestic violence hotline: 414-933-2722

Milwaukee Women's Center hotline numbers: 
24-Hour Crisis Line:  (414) 671-6140
Domestic Violence Hotline:  (414) 933-2722
National Domestic Violence Hotline:  (800) 799-SAFE

Emergency shelter for domestic violence victims:
Milwaukee Women’s Center’s Shelter:  (414) 671-6140
Sojourner Family Peace Center   (414) 933-2722
Waukesha Women’s Center   (262) 542-3828

Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

Google Map for coordinates 43.100011 by -87.912062.


  • So hurt

    RIP baby girl! Your son is safe with your mom. That sorry @$$ piece of $hit looser is in jail where he belongs. He has to answer to god. We will love and miss you forever Nya❤️😂.

  • The boss

    It’s unfortunate this poor woman’s life was taken away by some good for nothing punk. Domestic abuses is the number 1 cause of female deaths in this country. N woman deserves to be treated like this. Unfortunately victims of domestic violence do not admit. Theyre scared to go public and it only goes public after they’re dead. How sad. RIP beautiful lady.

    • The boss

      Seriously? Is that the best thing you can say? That is just primitive,heartless and unruly. If you don’t have anything good to say then just be quiet. Stop exposing your illiteracy to the world.

    • Hillarys pimp

      I totally agree. When’s it’s black on black violence you hear crickets. But when it’s a cop, blm, rushes to judgement with out even hearing any details. Pick a lane!

  • Mel

    This is awful. Women, for the LOVE OF GOD, STOP being desperate and going back with abusive and violent loser f@#ks!!!! What possessed this woman to get back with this filthy trashy assho×% is probably the support of her child and her. And family should really look at themselves too, they knew wtf was going on and did NOTHING!!!! People, there is a HUGE difference between snitching and making sure that someone has the protection they need cause some lowlife woman beater is harming or threatening to harm them!!!! Learn the difference so we can prevent children from losing their mothers! My heart goes out to the child, cause that is the one that will be most affected by this tragedy. This little baby now has a mother who is gone and a father who murdered their mom and he will never be able to see them ever again, it was not worth it! Please people, if someone is being abused, physically, mentally or otherwise REPORT IT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT! The abuser and abused cannot take care of this problem on their own, they need professional intervention!

    Again, my heart goes out to this child, hugs and kisses and be brave little one.

  • Patti

    I just want to say I am so sorry that this had to happen. Now that poor, innocent baby doesn’t have either parent! I was there on Monday morning waiting to check in for surgery when there were several ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, etc. in and approaching the parking lot. By the time we checked out nobody had known exactly what happened. After watching the 6 PM news and hearing a vague explanation for the commotion, our minds were blown, and hearts heavy. There are so many resources in Milwaukee for domestic violence, if you are in a situation please, please have the courage to take your children and get out! Prayers for Nya & PJ…

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