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Two 14-year-old girls taken to hospital after dog attack in Brown Deer

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BROWN DEER -- Two teen girls are recovering after they were attacked by two pit bulls near 48th and Dean in Brown Deer Thursday, September 29th. Both dogs were shot by a police officer -- one died.

Dog attack in Brown Deer

Dog attack in Brown Deer

First responders surrounded a home in the area as two 14-year-old girls were taken away on stretchers and police investigated in the front yard.

Police say the dogs lived in the home with one of the girls and just before 4:30 p.m., the two dogs attacked the girls.

"I feel sorry for them," said Cheryl Christensen, neighbor.

Christensen said she has seen at least one of the dogs before.

"I was walking down 48th Street here, and then all of a sudden a dog ran out of a vehicle," said Christensen.brown-deer

As she walked her dogs Mila and Maxine Wednesday, one of the pit bulls lunged toward them.brown-deer3

"Like a mother, I screamed because I'm worried about these girls getting hurt," said Chistensen.

The dog eventually ran away.

"I'm just so glad the guy was there and called them back," said Christensen.

On Thursday, the girls at the home were not as lucky.

Police say when they arrived, an officer shot one dog to protect the girls. That's when they say the other pit bull tried to attack and that dog was shot. One dog died at the scene. The other was turned over the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control (MADACC). The dog's owner requested it be euthanized.madacc

The girls suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

They were treated at the scene, and then taken to the hospital.


  • bugs

    Why, why does this happen? I have a dog that’s very, very good with all ages of people. No she’s not a pitbull but she is a terrier. I still watch to make sure she is okay with my grandchildren the people she’s with and how she reacts. I could train her to be aggressive if I wanted her for protection. Ahh she’s a good pup.

  • pitbullaware

    If you want to understand how these terriBULL attacks happen, you need to look to the true experts of unprovoked prolonged dog aggression, the USA UK “kill or die tryin” dog fighters. They need dogs that will attack and kill their own family over NOTHING., but mutant man-made instinct. They all choose pits/bullies.

  • JR227

    Same old same old…..many more times than not it ends up being pits. Whether or not they are trained to be aggressive they are instinctively predisposed to attack and shred……can’t recall the last time I saw a report of a cocker spaniel, shepherd, rat terrier or cocker spaniel attacking and shredding people…..

  • Common sense

    Let’s see…human life or dog that can snap and kill?
    No brained people…as much as I love animals …it’s just not worth it to have these kind of dogs around! I hope every owner who has such kind of dogs and they harm a human get prosecuted. These girls will never be the same if they live to tell about it .

  • Land_Shark

    Montreal just banned Pit Bulls for good reason after one killed a woman minding garden in her backyard. A 2 year old mauled to death this week in Kansas by family Pit Bulls. When will people learn?

  • Mike

    I’ve known my neighbor’s pitbull since it was a pup..,’s so aggressive towards my family and I that we are very leery about even being in our own yard!!

  • Balmy

    BSL would have saved these two young ladies. But the pit bull loving – Humane society and SPCA – care nothing about public safety. SPCA has sued Montreal over their new pit bull ban! Do NOT contribute to the Humane Society or SPCA… instead find a charity that supports public safety.

    • Amanda Burczyk

      How can so many of you blame the breed?! ALL BREEDS ARE CAPABLE OF AGGRESSION! You don’t hear of other dog attacks because the media rarely picks up those stories (see list below). I know pitbulls that are the biggest lovers and chihuahuas that will tear your feet to pieces just because you looked at them funny. If you have a dog with issues do something about it. Keep it on a leash even in the house so it can’t get out. Work on retraining them and rehabilitating them.
      Pit bull bans are ignorant and NOT based on fact!! It is scientifically proven that pit bulls as a breed (Which technically there is no such thing as a pitbull, that is a general term used to define multiple breeds) is any more dangerous than others. The difference is, too many people train their pitbul do act violently or do not know how to properly train there dog to prevent aggressive or defensive behaviors. I have been involved with dog rescue and rehabilitation since I was about 10 years old. I have seen many redline cases and most were NOT pitbulls. I have also seen amazingly loving dogs put down because of these stupid bans. Laws should be on a dog by dog basis.
      Blaming an entire breed is like saying an entire race of people is bad because of statistics. If you are for breed bans you are essentially a racist.
      I suggest doing research that is UNbiased. Places like are very anti-pitbull and try to say they are non-biased. please people, do your research and get to know the dogs in your neighborhood! Don’t make innocent dogs suffer because of a few.

      Non-bull breed fatalities in 2016 that I know of specifically
      Aiden Grim -3-days old | Youngstown, Ohio- Labrador-shepherd mix
      Erin McCleskey-36-years old | Manor, Texas- 6 dogs (Labrador-mixes (4) Australian cattle dog-mixes (2) )

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