Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘I’m tired of divided government. It doesn’t work very well’

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House Speaker Paul Ryan appears at a CNN Town Hall moderated by Jake Tapper at CNN's Time Warner Studios in New York on Tuesday night.

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan called Thursday for a “unified Republican government” behind Donald Trump, warning of the perils of cutting deals with Hillary Clinton if she wins the White House in the fall.

“I’m tired of divided government,” Ryan said at a Thursday morning forum. “It doesn’t work very well.”

Ryan’s comments are a stark contrast to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has said repeatedly that divided government is a time when “big things” could get done for the country. But House Republicans believe that the better Trump does on Election Day, the better their party’s chances are in keeping control of Congress.

Ryan, who has increasingly fallen in line behind Trump after expressing initial reservations, said House Republicans next year would seek to implement their sweeping election-year agenda — on issues ranging from health care to energy policy — in concert with a President Trump.

“These things are stuck in divided government,” Ryan said.

At the forum, Ryan was asked by moderator Ron Brownstein about Trump’s warnings that the US may withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement if he becomes president. Instead, he said, Trump should be talking about how to make some “clear improvements” on the trade agreement rather than withdrawing.

Ryan, who has expressed support for a more moderate immigration policy than Trump’s hard-line position, threw cold water on pushing through a comprehensive immigration bill in the next Congress, saying instead lawmakers should focus on passing individual bills.

“I think there is a way to deal with the undocumented population that doesn’t involve mass deportation; doesn’t involve an amnesty,” Ryan said. “But you have to start with security.”


  • Really, House Speaker Paul Ryan

    A number of years ago there were six Republicans and six Democrats, were assigned the job to solve a budget problem, but after 6 months they came up with no agreement . this has been going on for years Congress never gets anything accomplished. We should put Democrats and Republicans on notice if they are assigned to a committee to solve a problem and they don’t come to a conclusion in a period of six months they should be fired, not just voted out

  • Al P

    Exactly why Donald Trump is running for President, because you A-hole establishment Republicans have done nothing in the last EIGHT years. Go get-em Trump and the heck with RINO Paul Ryan.

  • Huh !

    It’s only divided because of titles/parties !!!
    If you put a bunch of people that don’t know anything about each other in a room and asked them to try to work out a problem, they would give you what they believe is a 1st and 2nd choice solution !!! But if that room is filled with people already divided …. nothing will get done !!! A person should be voted for on their contributions to society and not what party they belong to !!! Think Globally and Act Locally I

  • oscar

    Well since it’s the GOP who has used obstruction to try to block any progress our country might have made in the last 8 years (and not very well) I think it’s time for the GOP to embrace the concept of working with their counterparts across the aisle. Speaker Ryan, your party is the reason our country is divided just look at your party’s candidate for President. Healing has to start with the GOP.

  • Keith

    So now Ryan wants to be a dictator. The Republican party becomes scarier every day. Can we give them Texas and say become an independent country again, please. Just don’t letter become a nuclear power.

  • keithnewman

    So now Ryan wants to be a dictator. The Republican party becomes scarier every day. Can we give them Texas and say become an independent country again, please. Just don’t letter become a nuclear power.

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