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Police: 4-year-old Solomon Jordan Smith died from self-inflicted gunshot wound; mother arrested

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police said Monday, October 3rd the four-year-old boy who died following a shooting inside a home near N. 15th and North on Friday, September 30th, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Jordan -- four-year-old boy shot & killed in Milwaukee

Police say the 21-year-old mother of the boy was arrested and booked — accused of leaving a firearm near a child. She was released and ordered into the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office next week to have the charge reviewed.

The four-year-old boy, identified as Solomon Jordan Smith, was shot and killed inside a home near 15th and North on Friday, September 30th.

It was initially unclear the circumstances surrounding the shooting, particularly who fired the gun.

On Monday, October 3rd police revealed it is believed Smith shot himself.

4-year-old boy shot inside home near N. 15th and North

4-year-old boy shot inside home near N. 15th and North

Smith’s family members and friends gathered for an emotional vigil on Sunday, October 2nd, to remember the young life lost.

“He was a beautiful child. Everybody is devastated at this time,” Rufus Woods, the four-year-old boy’s step great-grandfather said.Jordan -- four-year-old boy shot & killed in Milwaukee

Among the crowd gathered to honor the boy’s life on Sunday was Lynne Hines-Levy — a member of the Salvation Army and Milwaukee Police Department’s Chaplaincy Program.

“I`ve spoken with both sides of the family a number of times since Friday. Some of us didn`t leave here until very late Friday night,” Hines-Levy said.

Hines-Levy offered the boy’s parents a shoulder to cry on.

“No one is ever prepared for this. No one is ever prepared to lose a child. No parent should ever be expected to lose a child,” Hines-Levy said.

Photos in front of the home Sunday showed Jordan during happier times, moments Woods said he wishes could’ve been shared beyond four short years.

Vigil for Jordan -- four-year-old boy shot & killed in Milwaukee

The photos also served as a reminder of the comfort family and strangers can give each other during their time of grief.

“To have people running away from it does not help. As long as some of us can run in and give them support — hopefully we can bring peace back to the city and to the families hurting that badly,” Hines-Levy said.

Four-year-old boy shot & killed in Milwaukee

The family is looking to establish a memorial fund for Jordan. We’ll pass that information along when it’s made available.


  • confused

    Not too familiar with guns, just curious what type of gun a 4 year old would be able to load and pull the trigger on.

      • Always Outspoken

        Cannibal – I agree. The only way a 4 year old could have shot himself is if the gun was left in an unsafe condition in a place accessible to him or her.

        This is another case of an irresponsible gun owner that will fuel the fires against ALL gun owners. This type of case should be treated like a murder (and sentenced as such) – perhaps 2nd degree reckless homicide? Surely it could be argued that such egregious carelessness with a firearm is a reckless act.

  • wheresthebeef

    Kind of guessed that’s what happened. How tragic that the little boy was able to get hold of a gun. When will people learn to keep the guns locked up, where kids can’t get at them? And now a beautiful life is gone.

    • Opinion8d

      Even more sad is that it something similar happened just a week before this….you think it would make people more vigilant in their own home. Even if they didn’t have a lock or a lock box, they could have kept it out of reach or unloaded. Put it high in a cabinet or something….my guess it was in a purse or a dresser drawer….. Who know though, may be the kid played with the gun in the past (something he never should have even seen for his safety)….

  • GTS

    BLM….will we be expecting a protest to this. Oh probably not, as you only care about thugs with guns that get killed by police doing their jobs.

  • some mother

    Who is the dummy that was able to keep the gun in her house? Some of these mothers out there don’t have a bit of common sense and shouldnt raise kids. Poor little boy may he rest in peace.

  • Chattipatti

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin WE MADE THE LIST # 5
    > Violent crimes per 100,000: 1,596.1
    > 2015 murders: 145
    > Poverty rate: 29.4%
    > Unemployment rate: 6.7%

    Even as the nation’s population increased by 3.2% over the five years ending in 2015, violent crime fell by 0.7% over that period. In Milwaukee, however, although the population rose by just 0.5%, the number of violent crimes rose by 60.5% — from less than 6,000 incidents to more than 9,500. In just five years, the city moved from the 29th most dangerous city to the fifth most dangerous among major U.S. cities. A major driver of that increase was aggravated assault incidents — the number of aggravated assaults nearly doubled during that time.

  • Laquisha Forbes

    I know everyone has an opinion and suggestions but the fact of the matter is the child is gone to glory and the parents are already beating themselves up they don’t need outsiders who only have half of a story beating on them too they are grieving and questioning everything themselves…. We who only hear it second handed are quick to judge but no one has all the facts….. Can we as a community first have compassion and at least give sympathy to the family…. Until everyone knows the facts…. Its hard on the whole family….

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