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Sen. Tim Kaine, or Gov. Mike Pence? Who won the VP debate? Cast your vote in our poll!

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Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence trade opening blows in a vice presidential debate on October 4, 2016.

FARMVILLE, Virginia — Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence faced off Tuesday night, October 4th in their first and only debate ahead of the November 8th election.

Pence is governor of Indiana who served in Congress for a decade.

Kaine is a U.S. senator and former governor of Virginia.

We want to know — who won the vice presidential debate? Cast your vote in our poll just below:


  • Sarah Gerard

    Pence dished out karma from Clinton’s blatant jugular jabs at Trump during their debate. Kaine had to keep interrupting every time Pence exposed Clinton for what she is. Kaine appeared smug and irritated whenever he was called out. He made it more personal than political and kept regurgitating the same issues when it had absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter at hand. Who didn’t prepare Kaine for tonight on that campaign?

    • Kristen

      Exactly. Well said. Pence dominated and relayed his points very well. Kaine tried interruption tactic when Pence points were scored against Hillary, No different than fouling someone in Basketball with an elbow to the face.. Pence all the way.

  • Nora

    There is no question: TIM KAINE WON, because honesty, knowledge. Pence like Trump is racist, is not a Christian (his position about the refugees is unchristian). Pence has not moral, he defends and represents a racist violent, liar, unprepared, who hates women. SO PENCE IS RELIGIOUS BUT HIS GOD IS NOT THE CHRISTIAN’GOD… much more, all negative

  • Kvan1940

    LOL… because of Trump the bar was set WAY low for Mike Pence if he was perceived to have won that debate…

  • kek

    Hillary proved she is a poor decision maker once again last night. Kaine is a political hack. Pence is a leader.

  • Kristen

    On the contrary, Hillary has been a disgrace with her middle east policy and corruption. She is the butcher of Benghazi that lost an ambassador to insurgents she help create. You can spin it all you want but these truths are undisputed.

  • Mathew

    Pence won. CNN host Blitzer’s face dropped in disbelief when their own poll showed Pence won. The liberals have no shame on what they have done to this country. The voters will come out in force in November and the results will be undisputed in retaliation for years of liberal destruction. Even democrats will come out the closet and vote for the party of law and order.

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