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Armed & dangerous: 2 men remain at large after FBI roundup targeting “Maniac Latin Disciples” gang

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SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- Law enforcement officials in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday, October 6th conducted a major roundup of violent gang members accused of trafficking drugs into southeast Wisconsin. Two men remain at large.

The roundup was spearheaded by the FBI with assistance from the DEA, U.S. Marshals and law enforcement in the Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha areas as well as some parts of northern Illinois.

Law enforcement conducts pre-dawn roundup of violent gang members

FBI officials said Thursday afternoon 28 people were arrested on federal and state charges ranging from narcotics trafficking to armed robbery, and 14 search warrants were executed throughout Racine and Kenosha Counties, as well as in northern Illinois.

Investigators said this was part of a year-long operation by the FBI's Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Gang Task Force, comprised of local, state and federal agencies to crack down on a specific gang -- the Maniac Latin Disciples, or MLDs, and their "violent grip over southeastern Wisconsin."

Officials said this gang has been active in southeastern Wisconsin for the last decade -- coming into the southern portion of the state from Illinois.

They're part of a "criminal enterprise" that's profited from trafficking drugs in bulk, armed robberies and employing violence against their community through multiple shootings.

During Thursday's raids, officials were able to seize vehicles, weapons, body armor, ammunition, more than 40 pounds of marijuana and cocaine and more than $80,000 in cash from more than 20 different locations throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Investigators said many of the top-ranking leaders of the gang were taken out in this raid. However, two men still remain at large.

Eric Ynnocencio and Fabian Melen

Eric Ynnocencio and Fabian Melen

Eric Ynnocencio and Fabian Melendez are considered armed and dangerous.

The FBI is asking for your help locating them.

Officials said this was one of the largest roundups in many years.

"Targeting roughly between 40 and 50 target locations throughout that area in order to disrupt a gang and drug trafficking organization that's operating in this area," Robert Botsch with the FBI said.

Law enforcement conducts pre-dawn roundup of violent gang members

Law enforcement conducts pre-dawn roundup of violent gang members

Law enforcement conducts pre-dawn roundup of violent gang members

Law enforcement conducts pre-dawn roundup of violent gang members

Law enforcement raid in southeast Wisconsin

Law enforcement raid in southeast Wisconsin

Below are the names of the alleged Maniac Latin Disciples gang members arrested Thursday:

Gregory D. Tirado, Jr., age 28
Melissa Rios, age 34
Juan Paul Guajardo, age 41
Jose Perez, age 42
Juan C. Ramirez, age 32
Frederick A. Evans, age 54
Martin L. Lazcon, age 24
Brian Johnson, age 22
Gregory D. Tirado, Sr., age 46
Janet Serrano, age 20
Tyler M. Christman, age 26
Ashley B. Craddock, age 20
Jason R. Lopez, age 39
Bradley R. Sorenson, age 25
Marelo Ortiz-Cartagena, age 68
Ernesto N. Perez, age 41
Marco A. Munoz, age 25
Marcello Tirado, age 19
Angel H. Reyes, age 45
Eric J. Minkey, age 38
Trevian Dumas, age 22
Pedro Juarez, age 36

If you have information as to the whereabouts of Erik Ynnocencio and/or Fabian Melendez, you're asked to call the FBI Milwaukee Division at (414) 276-4684.

Monitor FOX6 News and for updates on this developing story.


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      Or or or do what they’re doing in the Philippines and shoot them in the streets to set out an example of what happens when you do crappy things like pushing poison into our neighborhoods.

      Just saying it’d be a hell of statement.

      • FoodForThought


        They’re just going to release them and they’ll be back at it again.

        So why not just cut the snake off at the head? I mean would you rather they go into YOUR neighborhood and sell drugs? These guys have no regard for human life so I mean why should we have any regard for theirs?

  • Chrisco

    You are an idiot who supports criminals. If a certain race would stop committing the vast majority of violent crime, they would not have to shoot so many hood rats. Do not drive around in stolen cars. Do not carry a stolen hand gun. Do not run from the police. Very simple.

  • Moe Green

    Make example of them. Execute them by hanging immediately after found guilty. Let the chill of justice run through the veins of the miscreants. Time to take back the city and instill law and order.

    • Michael

      their should be exception for the females. We don’t want them exposed to such violent penalties as hanging.

  • Graciela

    36 violent southern Wisconsin gangs to overdoses will be all the rage this winter season at parties,as people turn a blind eye thinking their kids aren’t being offered to be cool by trying a puff a huff or a pill,it aim nothing cut that b;$!? Off,you need to cut it,

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