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“Tongue, eyes and beak all present:” Packers Jared Cook posts picture of what appears to be chicken head at Buffalo Wild Wings

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GREEN BAY — Officials with Buffalo Wild Wings have released a statement after Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook posted to Twitter a picture of what appears to be a chicken head he received Tuesday, October 4th at the restaurant.

Below is the tweet:

And here is the Buffalo Wild Wings statement:

“Buffalo Wild Wings takes food preparation, service and quality extremely seriously and we are looking into this situation. We’ve reached out to Jared Cook and our suppliers for more information.”

According to TMZ, 29-year-old Cook on Tuesday night opened his box of lemon pepper wings and saw what appears to be a chicken head staring back at him.

“Tongue, eyes and beak all present. With extra seasoning,” Cook told TMZ.

When he alerted a Buffalo Wild Wings staffer, Cook told TMZ he was told: “Sorry, unfortunately this happens because the chicken is fresh.”


  • Always Outspoken

    APPEARS to be???

    IT’S A $@&%!! CHICKEN HEAD!!!


  • Mr. McChicken

    This will really boost sales at BW3s across the country!! How in the *uck could the cook not notice this when he/she opened the box of frozen wings, or dumped the wings in the deep fryer, or took them out of the fryer and placed them in the box?? The incompetence is mind boggling. Do everyone a favor and shut down every location world-wide because this company is horrible!!

  • Pats4life

    You’ve got to be kidding me?! Hopefully they offer him compensation like free wings for life (if he even wants it), and then can donate that to someone in need. He obviously doesn’t need the free food with the money he makes. Could this be the work of a Bears fan? Lol. Maybe Goodell’s work since he’s ruining the NFL

  • confused

    Like how fresh? Are the chickens running about the lot? I’ve never eaten at a BWW. That is just icky. I do doubt that in a rush a worker would notice it tumbling in with the rest of the bag, scooping out the batch, and dumping into a box or onto a plate. You don’t pick up each wing or whatever by hand. It IS cooked and obviously not edible, i could have powered thru the rest of the meal, but I’d want a coupon for next time.

  • SkanzarAchbar

    What a baby. Those wings come from actual animals. God forbid you have to actually look at a part of it that reminds you of that.

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