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Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Who won the second presidential debate? Cast your vote in our poll!

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ST. LOUIS -- Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday, October 9th faced off in their second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

For Donald Trump, the debate came on the heels of the release of a recording of Trump from 2005 in which he made lewd and sexually aggressive comments about women.

Clinton largely stayed quiet leading up to the debate, letting the turmoil in the GOP unfold and preparing to address the controversy publicly for the first time before an audience of millions.

Who do you think won Sunday night's second presidential debate? VOTE NOW in our poll just below:


  • Michelle

    and Trump needs to die and shut up with his fake self he doesn’t know what he talking about due is you listening honey u need to rethink your decision @MYLER!!!!

  • joe

    Excellent answer that America shall side with Syria and Russia in fighting and eradicating ISIS. Why would someone pretending fighting ISIS would be against those who really fight ISIS?

  • Liam

    This Poll is obviously rigged, how does it have 32k votes already? There’s no way 50% of people thought Clinton won that debate.

  • Mike Brotherton


  • Ken

    Trump in landslide. Thanks for calling Hillary Clinton out. I was undecided but I will vote fro Trump. We cannot have the status quo – I am voting issues.

    • riosam77

      GREAT! Welcome aboard the TRUMP TRAIN!! Do your best to enlist more passengers too…
      We need a landslide in order to offset the voter machine manipulation and voter tally manipulation…
      Very very real and serious problem and concern….
      GO TRUMP

    • andreasmiles22

      My entire family feels the same way, even members that have voted for Democrat party for years, they finally have woken up to their party has sold them out for the globalists dream of slave wages for everyone but the elite.

  • Matt Hooper

    The poll isn’t responding. I clicked it and the little circle thing just keeps spinning, like it’s buffering.

  • micheala

    He slayed the witch. He tell’s the truth even when she think’s he lies. Priceless to see all the women billy abused in the audience.

  • David Collins

    You must be as daffy as Trump to want to vote for this low live creature. Clinton won and I say Dump the trump!
    What moron would threaten an opponent. trump would…. Dump the Trump! Hilary Clinton WILL BE PRESIDENT

  • David

    You must be as daffy as Trump to want to vote for this low live creature. Clinton won and I say Dump the trump!
    What moron would threaten an opponent. trump would…. Dump the Trump! Hilary Clinton WILL BE PRESIDENT

  • Gautam

    Its not letting me to Vote Trump, very bad media showing partiality towards hillary. Go In trump the citizebs of americans are with you

  • Duchess

    Both candidates are sketchy at best but why vote for a man who thinks women who aren’t a size 4, 5’2″in height with double D boobs are ugly; who has more than once admitted to sexual assault because he’s a “celebrity”, who hates Mexicans and thinks they all need to be sent back to Mexico, who doesn’t understand the plights of minority communities because he’s NEVER had to experience that, and among other things, is violent when he didn’t get his way? You can’t be that way with dealing with other world leaders, especially since most of the world thinks America is beyond arrogant and this is the person you trust to protect you and go to bat for you? You forget, most of you are middle class and has NEVER been given “a SMALL loan of one million dollars from your fathers to start a real estate business. Why would I vote for someone who thinks protesting is ok as long as it’s not against him? Why would I vote for someone who is so petty as to bring up incidents involving another president and not the candidate at hand directly. Think about it, he’s trashing Bill Clinton for extramarital affairs when he’s been doing the same crap and bragging about it. I’m not voting for either candidate but I’d rather vote for someone who is very familiar with the life of being and living in the white house and having those responsibilities. It’s pretty much like putting Michelle Obama in a presidential race against Ryan Seacrest. It’s pointless. I think they both lost the debate and the only reason people say Trump won is because he’s such an egomaniac that he didn’t let her speak when it was her turn. People need to grow up and realize that is not just about America this time around. The whole world is at stake.

    • John Smith

      Seriously, a freaking wall of text… I almost guarantee that nobody has even bother to finish reading this wall of text.. just concede the fact that Hillary got trashed, concede that she is indeed crooked and I for one do not want her to be our next *Liar in Chief* thank you very much. get it??

  • John

    Bogus poll that won’t count votes for Trump. We are not believing what the media wants us to believe so screw us.

  • Putin

    Clinton blame me, Russia. Always.
    What she want WW3??
    Pay attention to Syria!

  • William

    NAFTA $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

  • D33Z NUTS!!!

    Hillary needs to win!!!this Is Too MuchTo Handle All Trump Is Gonna Do Is Make It Work I Am 14 And I Hope That Hillary Wins True She Can Be A Bitc* But It’s Better Than TRUMP Being A Dic* To All Of THE U.S!!!!

  • mike

    Trump won hands down. Trump, Trump, Trump…Media needs to stop the BS and be fair to Trump. I just do not understand why the media kisses Hillary’s butt. She is a lying piece of crap.

  • This is SERIOUS

    The United States of America CAN NOT be ran like a street fight. What made Trump the winner? What made Hillary the winner?

    • This is SERIOUS

      It will be difficult running a country (USA) without the support of you party. Trump @@@@list is pretty long right about now. I can only imagine what he has planned for those in his party who has abandoned ship. YOU’RE FIRED!!

  • cheryl55

    Not sure what the hell debates Fox watched… Because Donald Trump had command of the issues all night long! What made it even worse is Clinton is still LYING!

    • flitterman

      I ,meant to vote for Trump but poll isn’t working. Trump had more concrete answers about how he will fix the broken economy and Hillery seems to want to run the country the same as always. Country isn’t working so we need to try something different.

  • scott bricker

    This poll is Rigged.. it’s on a Timer vote…. our votes are NOT being recored.. it’s a timer .. a certain amount of votes for HIllary and a certain amount for trump every second… probably 100-60

  • Borris

    This poll seems pretty suspect…every other poll I have looked at has Trump winning by a Large margin…like 85+%

  • grannysue

    I vote for Trump and they are not allowing me to. This is happening all over the internet where you wwant to vote for Trump and they won’t let you. Wow. The globalists with HIllery now own the internet.

  • Constance Kendall

    What b.s. all over the web it’s trump, I’m telling u fox has been bought out nwo.
    And if these stupid polls don’t work if u vote, it means it’s rigged.

  • aleclifeswork

    “What’s the matter, Drumpfkins? Why aren’t you rigging this Fox News poll with your bots yet?”

    they said in a forum after admitting “Now we rig the polls”

    CTR is out of hand. Also they are all over the new Podesta Leaks (

  • William Seitz

    First time I voted I voted for Trump and as I was hitting the submit or vote button it switched my vote to Hillary. The media doesn’t want to know how people really feel about this election. Are we headed for some kind of dictator kind of government? I think we are.

  • Trump Rules!

    The problem is that this poll is the first listed when people search for tonight’s poll. We Trump supporters need to accept that we are going to lose. This sucks! I voted for Trump and my vote registered.

  • scott bricker

    There are some liberal news sites out there rigging the polls on a timer… not sure exactly how it works.. maybe every time someone clicks on Hillary.. she gets 3 votes… and Trump gets 1 when you click on his

  • scott bricker

    Whatever Hillary has… subract 1/2 the amount and that will give you the REAL total of people voting for her.. or maybe 1/3 we should do!

  • Margo Maniatis

    Voting on this in Seattle is hysterical! This is worst of the leftist coast, even your newscasters are blatantly .against Trump.
    I guess you know my vote is for Trump!

  • Markus Laugner

    well , the says the way he see it , no politriks , Hillary is playing the political game , it takes a none politician to fix the corruption among the politrixters , America has to take a risk to change for the better , and he will learn his new territory, he is already learning, well good luck America

  • Always Outspoken

    It’s really getting old that the media is so obviously biased. They’re not even really trying to hide their prejudice any more. Here’s tonight’s proof:

    > The audience was scolded every time they cheered for Trump. The couple of times they cheered for Hillary, nothing was said.

    > Trump was repeatedly interrupted and cut off by the “moderators”. Hillary was allowed to speak freely.

    >Trump was admonished immediately if he went over his allotted time. Hillary exceeded her time several times by more than a minute – and only Donald said anything about it.

    This was no “debate”. It was a three-on-one verbal assault – and Trump STILL won IMO.

  • Anonymous from Arkansas

    *Donald won. She contradicted herself on Russia. He quoted facts. Hillary – “impossible to fact check”
    *He may have went over time limit but made his point count and short as possible. She went over too but “impossible to fact check”
    *So the worse she can do is imply sexism with private locker room talk? Where’s the other side? Oooohhhhh defended a rapist with victims front row! Bills facial expression PRICELESS! But can’t forget she went over too. Cheap shots
    *He should appologize to obama he is racist about Obama from hawaii?…….obama vs Hillary “she’ll say anything but do nothing”.
    *Basically he quoted facts and was winning so you called him a racist again
    *You wanted to make his tax exemptions an issue but ooops you made a mistake deleting thousands of emails…guess you think you were email exempt?
    *Some of the questions were random viewers? Ok then they were capable of being biased with things she could sound technical about regarding obamacare because she was sec of state….but Donald Trump was remarkable.
    *To be blunt to the point and ‘deplorable’ as you called me he tore your *** off and handed it back!
    *So we should discriminate against him for being a man? Or American Entrepreneur? I took American Enterprise System in College quote “some times the Government offers incentives for new American Entrepreneurs. ” meaning rewards. You brought this up after Americans heard “tax tax tax” then may have paid more attention to the election than gas taxes but he didn’t let all of the refugees in at a time where disrespecting the USA Flag is becoming a trend. Basically trying to direct taxation anger at him.
    *You also implied he was racist but he posted a pic with Rosa Parks.
    *Then one of you being kissed by a former kkk grand dragon
    *You claimed he made comments about women (locker room talk). But offer not one shred of evidence that he has ever acted on any such thing
    *You bragged about being endorsed by former Presidents he put Bill Clinton victims front row.
    *Over and over he did support the war on Iraq….meaning you did but avoid the 4 good men who died in Benghazi.
    *He has systematically debated you point by point and “impossible to fact check” meaning you will lie or claim he is racist and take any cheap shot you can.

  • George Topping

    She won the first debate by two touch downs 21 to 7. He won this one 42 to 10. Her 10 points can be attributed to the moderators; all in the first 20 minutes.

    This poll, and this article could not be any more biased. The media’s elite, and arrogant insider non-sense is absurd.

    She looked frazzled. Her answers were canned. They were insincere, and us commoners are proven right not to trust anyone from DC; the more the political insiders jump from Trump, the more we all know we are right.

  • William

    $1 Nafta ad $1 an hour CLINTON Goldman Sachs. Mexican Government took out a $1 an hour ad to get U.S. companies to move to Mexico. .Charles Lewis is the founder of (Center for Public Integrity )for 11 years he was investigating reporter for ABC CBS and was a producer for 60 minutes we got fed up with the Integrity of reporters and started ( Center for Public Integrity ) This is is report see the $1 ad see how many friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s got rich off the Mexican Government.
    Download ( public Integrity the trading game )or below go to page 105,106,23,24,25

  • Ton Paulissen

    I am Dutch, and a independent viewer of this debate, it is a shame, DJT is totally unfit to govern a nation with so much influence in the world

  • Angel

    finely Chelsea wasnt there so he actually could throw Killary under the bus! Chelsea was gone and the gloves are off.. Maybe its all Abraham Lincoln’s fault! She admires the Kkk but their isnt enough of those members to vote for her!

  • Cindy

    Wow- ALL the other polls (like 25 including World votes) has Trump winning by a landslide (Like 89%) Trump won bigtime and made MORE sense – and at 3 against 1- so, I have to believe this poll is rigged!

  • Michael Eugene Burns

    Hypocritical, forced hysteria over “dirty words” privately (so Trump thought) spoken over a decade ago are NOT important to “real” people. It’s much more interesting (and damaging to Hillary) for people to hear secret tapes revealing that she condones two-faced politicians and BORDERLESS immigration and OPEN trade practices world-wide.

  • liberty

    There is a new nick name for Hillary. Hateful Hillary. Read this a number of times. Hates the Middle Class, Gun owners and Christians just for starters. This poll doesn’t want to take your vote! Whomever set this up totally screwed it up!

  • Kevin

    Hilary won, she actual answered questions, addressed the people in the crowd and looked classy doing so. Trump looked rude, unpresidential, interrupting Hilary and the moderators, he looked like a spoiled baby he is out of his league.

  • Lisa

    There is no way there are that many stupid Americans that would vote for that lying, murdering, corrupt criminal killary!!

  • Wanda Harper

    I cannot believe Fox thinks Hillary won this debate!! Juan Williams, Megan Kelly, Shephard Smith,
    and all the rest of the Hillary lovers must have just voted in this poll!!&




    Trump won! Any other feel good poll in favor of Billary the butcher of Benghazi is a no good!

  • Concerned

    This poll is backwards. Vote for Trump and Hillary gets the count… Likely why she has more votes. Watch out for this bogus B.S. poll. Plus it allows one to vote multiple times.. Total scam.

  • Margo Maniatis

    I do not care what Trump has said or done, It pales in comparison to the criminal activity of the Clintons. Trump is our only hope to save the horrible damage done to our America.

  • Margo Maniatis

    I do not care about what Trump may have said or done. His actions pale in comparison to the corruption and criminal activity of the Clintons. Trump is our only hope to clean up the incredible damage done to America in the last 8 years.

  • gregory

    That’s funny it won’t seem to allow to donate for Trump… hmm… media bias becoming clearer and clearer. If after such an obvious win for trump he somehow doesn’t end up as President…ring the bells of revolution liberty and justice for all, right.

  • Jason

    It’s all rigged for her to win guy’s !! I think Trump even knows it, I mean how else could she even be allowed to run ?? Come on, people can’t say I made a mistake after breaking the law and not be prosecuted SO HOW IN THE HELL CAN SHE ??? It’s all a big hoax to make us feel good SMH 😔Rigged For Killary

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