Couple attacked in Brown Deer Walmart; victim says “the girls turned their attitude towards me”

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BROWN DEER -- The search is on for several suspects who hit a pregnant woman at a Brown Deer Walmart. She is now speaking out on what happened -- and what this incident has done to her family.

"Next thing I know I hear something being thrown at me and I turn around and stand up and say I'm pregnant," said Jessica, who wished not to be identified.

The 27-year-old mother is expecting twins in December. The couple says they were faced with a terrifying situation Thursday night to protect the lives of their unborn twins.

wm1"I grabbed her hair and trying to keep her away from my stomach," Jessica said.

The couple was doing some late night shopping at the Walmart. According to them, they got into a confrontation with several teenagers because her husband got too close to one of them in an aisle and didn't say, "excuse me."

"These girls are like, 'You need to say excuse me, you got too close to my brother, blah, blah.' And I was like, 'He don't need to say excuse me.' Then the girls turned their attitude towards me," Jessica said.

Jessica said they both tried to walk away. But the teens then focused their attention on her. They attacked and began punching her in the head.

"My husband Steven comes in between us and he's trying to protect my stomach, yelling, 'Leave her alone she's pregnant,'" Jessica said.

Police say Walmart employees stepped in to break up the attack. But according to the couple, employees did not step in fast enough.

"Nobody did anything they were just watching," Steven said.

Fight at Walmart near 60th & Brown Deer

"They weren't calling the cops. My husband had to go outside and get the license plate number and the make of the model," Jessica said.

Jessica suffered minor injuries. The teens fled in a blue, 2004 Dodge Intrepid. Authorities followed them, but stopped after the chase exceeded 100 miles per hour.

The couple plans to press charges and hopes the community can help identify the teens.

"They just didn't have a care in the world. It scares me that people are like that," Jessica said.

The couple said there were four teens involved in this incident -- two girls and two boys.

FOX6 News reached out to Walmart corporate. The store's response was as follows:

"We want everyone who visits our stores to feel safe at all times, and no level of violence is ever acceptable. We'll continue working with local law enforcement to find those responsible."



  • Edith

    We should know the identity of the said teens so we can make a judgement call regarding if this was a racial issue or a case of simple misunderstanding. Trying to fight a women carrying a child should be met with the strongest response. If it is found that it is a racial issue, we should have federal officials under the auspices of the AG come down and do some findings. I would guess that it would be no surprise that charges will not be brought at the federal level.

  • Barry

    Let me guess. Suspects were not described, so they must be black. Is fox6 leaving the race, age and description out because it does not fit in with their agenda? You know, the agenda that they will only mention the race if it is a cop or a white person doing the crime.
    The police have all of the cars information including the license and yet they don’t know have any clue who the suspects are.

    • Doyle Lilly

      And as usual, your bigot behind is wrong. If they were black, they would have released the video of them inside the store. Only time suspects are not flashed across the media is when they are white…………ESPECIALLY WHITE WOMEN.

      • Barbara Parsons

        Suspect #1: African-American female, with blue and black hair, blue jacket, black pants with grey socks.
        Suspect #2: African-American female, with black/brown and white sweater, and blue jeans.
        Suspect#3: African-American male with a slim build.

        Police say all suspects appeared to be in their late teens.

    • Lashay

      It’s ignorant people like you who states things like that. The name calling is so juvenile and unnecessary. Yes that should not have happened and whatever punishment they have coming is deserved.

  • Erinna

    So.. Authorities followed them, but stopped after the chase exceeded 100 miles per hour?? What kind of police department does this? It’s as if they said “oh well, their not gonna stop, so let’s just go home and forget about it”. Really! The law enforcement in that town doesn’t know what to do when a high speed chase ensues!! They just back off! What kind of stupid do they have working there?!?!

    • Doyle Lilly

      What kind of stupid are you or do you just live out in the boondocks where all a 100mph chase have to fear is a deer running across the road. People get killed in useless chases like this. Not like they were chasing mass murderers dummy.

      • Erinna

        Nope.. New York… far from the “boondocks” unlike Brown Deer Wisconsin. If law enforcement knew what they were doing they could have stopped this car and it doesn’t matter if they were chasing people who attacked someone or murderers! A crime is a crime. Chase’s do not cause people to get killed if they know what they’re doing, which obviously they did not!

      • Lashay

        Erinna for your information, the reason they stop is because the reckless drivers don’t know what they are doing. It’s not the other way around.

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