Craigslist puppy ad lures family into money-wiring scam

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**Embargo: Atlanta, GA** The family was scammed out of $200, but it could have been more.

McDonough, GA (WGCL) — There’s nothing like finding the perfect dog. It could be a mutt or a pure breed Bulldog. True dog lovers know what they want. But what will buyers be getting if they attempt to purchase a dog online?

A McDonough family decided they’d “Better Call Harry,” after attempting to purchase an English Bulldog located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The owner claimed that the puppy came with registered papers, all the best toys and a manual complete with the new puppies likes and dislikes. Despite all of the warning signs, the Morlu family wired $200.

They never got the dog.

Hours after wiring the money, the owner called back requesting more funds. It would cost an additional $900-1,300 to rent or purchase a crate.

The Morlu’s had been scammed.

Employees at the Atlanta Humane Society say it’s never a good idea to purchase a dog online.

Buyer beware.

Research the owner and always meet your new family member in person before you make the purchase.

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