“It was real dangerous:” Clowns create chaos at one Milwaukee daycare center

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MILWAUKEE -- Clowns creating chaos -- at a daycare center, no less. What appears to have started as a teenage prank ended up not being funny at all.

No one is loving the clowns that hit the Rock-a-Bye Daycare near 52nd and Center in Milwaukee on Thursday evening, October 13th.


Around 6:30 p.m., surveillance video from the daycare shows a group of teens pounding on the window. One had a clown mask, trying to frighten the children inside. A staff member told them to leave, but the clown came back and did it again.

Some of the children were so scared they ran into another room full of children and screamed that scary clowns were coming to get them. Chaos erupted as children screamed and ran as staff was trying to calm them down.


A seven-year-old girl somehow slipped by and ran out a door -- continuing seven blocks to her grandmother's house.

Rock-a-Bay Daycare"It was real dangerous. She went through an alley. She took a busy street," said Brandy Locust, mother.

The little girl is safe. But her mother is concerned that her daughter was able to leave the daycare seemingly unnoticed in the confusion.

Officials at the daycare say they are concerned too -- and the doors cannot be locked on the inside for fire safety reasons. Still, the daycare is concerned that the upset mother is seen on surveillance returning to the daycare to smash its windows with a fire extinguisher.


The daycare called the police. The parent called the state. Undoubtedly, there will be investigations ahead.


  • Always Outspoken

    Anonymous – The idea of a young girl on her own at night running the streets of Milwaukee scares the heck out of me, and is completely unacceptable for a day care center to allow to happen. If you look at my statement, nowhere will you see me defending the day care center. It is even worse to let a child leave and actually not realize they’re gone, and they should (and I’m sure WILL) be penalized by state inspectors for their lack of supervision.

    However, it is also totally unacceptable to vandalize their building in retort. The woman who smashed the window was completely in the wrong and set the absolute wrong example for her daughter.

  • A real mother

    If the mother and grandmother were home why was the little girl in day care? That little girl knew which way to run in the dark for 7 blocks! She seems smarter then her mother and grandmother!! The mother goes and smashes the windows of the day care that probably watches that little girl more then she does!!

    • Anonymous

      BTW, the mother was at work when she got the call from her grandmother that her child ran to her house screaming and crying hysterically!!! It’s not the grandmother’s responsibility to watch the kids while the parent is at work unless they choose too. Most parents i know work and their kids go to daycare after school not to a relative’s house. It was the daycare’s responsibility to make sure all the kids were safe and accounted for!!!

  • Shane cox

    As far as I know the school Ager was recieving consequence. she was on time out for being disruptive. This is just a theory maybe she didnt want to Continue her consequence ,why run from where there is safety to danger? Not smart to me.don’t think her mom shouldn’t have came in wanting to fight everyone.im there every single day and the child not only walk toward but preceding to open the door and walking out !there rules children can not touch doors period…

    • Anonymous

      Obviously she didn’t feel to safe there. Oh so you saw her walk toward the door and walk out, so as an adult who is there everyday why didn’t you stop her?

  • Alpha Co.

    Good luck “arm chair hero” with shooting someone for just wearing a mask and scaring someone. You’ll spend the rest of your life in prison for that one. Better stay in your mom’s basement during Halloween. As far as the mom, she’ll probably get charged for criminal damage, but she could have done far worse. Her kid was put at grave risk because those employees at the daycare were incompetent.

    • Always Outspoken

      I never said I would be the one doing the shooting, genius. I said it’s only a matter of time before SOMEONE carrying a gun overreacts (much like the mom in this story did) and shoots one of these (literal) clowns – and that I won’t have any sympathy for the “victim” when it happens.

      Your sorry attempt at an insult (“stay in mom’s basement”) only shows your immaturity – and that you took personal offense at my disparaging remark about these “clowns”. It sounds like you might just be one of these pathetic mouth-breathers getting their jollies scaring little kids with your big scary mask. You must be so proud of yourself.

      I won’t even go into you defending the mother’s parenting – let’s just say your comment shows your character level.

  • Shane cox

    The child knows she is not touch doors w/o permission! And like I said she was on time out for being disruptive,for her to go twist a locked door come now.all is on cam to back my theory. She walked out cuz she wanted to walk out point blank!! And for her mom to walk in like she did just gos to show where the disruptive behavior comes from, I mean I seen the devil in this lady !


    Let’s see….what’s worse, a bunch of Clowns banging on the window or one Nut Case throwing a Fire Extinguisher through the window of a Daycare? I guess it could have been worse, the nut case mom could have come back dressed as a Clown to throw the Fire Extinguisher through the window. Everything else aside, how pathetic do you have to be, as a parent, to make the decisions she made? Who in there right mind does that?

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