Donald Trump cancels West Allis campaign stop

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Donald Trump

MADISON — Donald Trump has canceled one of his two planned Wisconsin campaign stops Monday.

Trump’s Wisconsin spokesman Matt Schuck says a scheduling conflict led to Trump canceling his event in West Allis outside of Milwaukee. Another event in Green Bay on Monday is still on.

It’s the second time a Trump event in Wisconsin has been canceled in recent days. Trump was originally scheduled to attend a rally last weekend in southeast Wisconsin, but House Speaker Paul Ryan disinvited him.

Ryan, Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Ron Johnson are all skipping Trump’s campaign visit on Monday. Ryan and Walker are both going to be out of state and Johnson’s spokesman said he had prior engagements.


  • John

    I’m voting against Ryan no matter what. Zimmerman or the donkey. But Johnson and Walker just permanently lost my vote too. What an idiot Ron. Especially with the Russ gun control hidden camera video just coming out. Cowards.

  • Leroy the implorable

    Everyone in denial telling their friends they won’t for the Conservative candidate are lying to themselves. Deep down inside they are going to vote for the Conservative candidate. Deep down they want him in foggy bottom, they want him to run the country. They need him. Elections have consequences. After almost 8 years of treachery and lies from the left, the hard working folks that have broken their back working to provide for their families while entitlements thumb their nose as they spend other peoples money will vote accordingly and the shock the left. The loss will reverberate for decades and the mainstream media will pay a heavy price for their lies.

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