Milwaukee Business Journal: Demand for Harley-Davidson motorcycles is weak

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Business Journal says Harley-Davidson Inc. reported earnings Tuesday that showed continued weak demand for motorcycles, particularly in the U.S., resulted in lower sales and earnings for the third quarter.

Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson reported net income for the third quarter of $114.1 million, or 64 cents per share, compared with $140.3 million, or 69 cents per share, for the same period a year ago. That matches analysts’ consensus for the third quarter, according to Reuters.

Net motorcycle and product sales for the period declined to $1.09 billion from $1.14 billion. Total sales, including financial services revenue, declined to $1.27 billion from $1.32 billion.

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  • Look at the big picture...

    It’s not that demand for motorcycles is weak, there are all kinds of people getting into the motorcycle lifestyle more than ever. The problem is Harley is WAY out of the price range of most people getting into the lifestyle. You can even buy a brand new import for less than the cost of a used Harley. Sure, you pay for the brand name.. but you know what.. that doesn’t sell a $25,000 dollar bike to someone just getting into it. Even the smallest Harley, the street 500 is still $7000+ new. Sales will continue to be weak as long as they are so significantly higher priced than all the competition. The question is, what else can they do to bring cost and price down…

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