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Brown Deer police officer charged with aggravated battery in connection to March shooting

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BROWN DEER -- A Brown Deer police officer has been charged after shooting an unarmed man who was lying face down on the ground. The shooting happened back in March, following a confrontation on a county bus.

Devon Kraemer

Devon Kraemer

Brown Deer Police Officer Devon Kraemer, 27, has been charged with aggravated battery, use of a dangerous weapon.

The attorney for the victim says his client will be forever changed by the shooting.

"In some degree he has a sense of relief," said Jon Safran, victim's attorney.

After seven months of waiting, the decision to charge Officer Kraemer came on Friday, October 21st.

"This is the first case I've seen where you have facts like this," Safran said.

Attorney Jon Safran spoke for his client, 26-year-old Manuel Burnley Jr., the man shot and injured by KraemerĀ in March.

"He realizes many individuals in these kinds of cases do not receive that kind of justice," said Safran.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

According to a criminal complaint, it started on a Milwaukee County bus near 60th and Donna, equipped with a surveillance camera on Monday, March 14th.

The bus driver said Burnley became "disruptive" after being told the new transit policy required an M-card in order to receive transfers -- he engaged in argumentative language with her.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

The complaint says the driver continued along the route, until spotting two Brown Deer police officers squads parked in a parking lot. The driver pulled over, honked, trying to get the officers attention -- as she wanted Burnley to be removed from the bus.

According to the criminal complaint, video surveillance from the bus shows Kraemer and another officer board the bus and engage in conversation with Burnley.

The complaint states Burnley never threatened anyone on the bus and he did not display or suggest he had a weapon of any type.

Police say after a few minutes of contact with Burnley, the officers removed him from the bus.

According to the criminal complaint, while off the bus, Kraemer and the other officer were standing on either side of Burnley, "blanketing" his arms, as he stood between them.


Police say Burnley physically resisted being handcuffed and was taken to the ground by the second officer. As Burnley fell to the ground, the complaint states Kraemer and the other officer went down as well -- at which point the three were mostly out of view of the bus camera.

Police say the video shows Burnley was rolled over onto his stomach, and within a short time, a single gunshot was fired. Burnley was shot in the back.

Kraemer told police she could not see Burnley's left arm and shot him because she feared for her safety, but according to the criminal complaint, an expert in police defense says this was not a reasonable fear.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

"The officers were in the process of handcuffing him behind his back. Officer Kraemer drew her service weapon and without any warning or reasonable explanation shot Mr. Burnley once int he upper, middle part of his back. Mr. Burnley is lucky to be alive and lucky to not be paralyzed from being shot," said Safran.

Jon Safran

Jon Safran

Burnley spent 12 days in the hospital. He had rib fractures and part of a lung removed. His lawyer says he still suffers from physical and emotional damage.

"He continues to get treatment frequently. He may get more invasive treatment down the road here," Safran said.

Safran and his client now wait as this case moves through the criminal justice system.

"He believes this is the right result and he is looking forward to provide any further information and for this officer to be held accountable," Safran said.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Burnley never faced charges stemming from this incident.

Online reports show Kraemer worked her way up from dispatcher to patrol officer, and had been on the job for five years.

Kraemer has now been placed on administrative leave. If convicted of the criminal charge, she could face more than 15 years behind bars.



  • Martae

    The force used here was probably excessive and she’ll probably lose her job at the least, but the bigger question is why is it so acceptable these days to fight with and resist police? You were obviously causing enough of a problem to cause the bus driver to flag down police and then you had to be forcefully removed off the bus. How about just getting off the bus and walking home? Avoiding conflict rather than seeking it out? Can you not control your emotions? I have never had an officer tell me to do anything outrageous and every time I have done what the officer asked me to do I ended up going home without a scratch on my body… Strange how that works.

    • confused

      The female bus driver is also seeking $ as even though she was the one to ask for help. Claims she has been traumatized by the whole thing. Great, crazy world, huh?

  • Always Outspoken

    First of all, he doesn’t weigh “400 lbs” – in fact it’s much closer to half of that.

    Second, he’s not “a criminal”. He wasn’t charged with anything.

    Third, he wasn’t “assaulting police”, he was on his belly in the process of being handcuffed by the other officer when he was shot in the back.

    I know her actions sound much more reasonable when you embellish the facts, but in the real world she used excessive force and needs to be held accountable.

  • ReggieDennys

    So, you must know him personally if you know how much he weighs. Which explains your bias. In everything I read he was a very large man. So what you are saying is he may have weighed 299 pounds at the time? That is closer to 200 than 400. Although, really it doesn’t matter other than the fact it illustrates the threat of serious harm he imposed. HE WAS RESISTING ARREST AND ASSAULTING OFFICERS FROM EVERYTHING I HAVE READ. JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE SOME LAME INTIMIDATED D.A. DOESNT MEAN HE WASNT A CRIMINAL… HE WAS DISORDERLY, RESISTING ARREST, AND ASSAULTING POLICE AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED. What you are embellishing is the cowardly Politically Correct, White Guilt insanity. I’m embracing the facts.

  • ReggieDennys

    DB He was disorderly, refusinig to obey the commands of a police officer, non-compliant, resisting arrest and assaulting two police officers by doing so he put the officers and those in the area at risk of considerable harm. He is a criminal thug and should have been charged. The officer should not have been charged. I would like to see you risk your life rolling around on the ground with a thug assaulting you and at any moment could reach for your gun and you and your partner and potentially many more could have died as a result of the danger and threat this suspect and criminal posed. You wouldn’t risk your life and be a cop you just sit back cowardly and judge and think real life is like some ficitional fantasy show you watch on TV.

  • confused

    Charged not convicted=no jail usually. If we are lucky, maybe her witnesses will change their mind/stories, be a problem or not show up so she can be free to DO HER JOB. You know like most of the witnesses when a thug, felon, gang member, or repeat criminal does something and gets released to do it again.

  • Always Outspoken

    It appears that Fox6 didn’t like all the comments expressing outrage over the officer’s actions, since they have removed all but a few of the comments made.

    This is becoming a habit for them. They censor whatever they don’t agree with to shape the comments section as they see fit rather than let us see what the public REALLY thinks.

  • Thomas K

    Saw her on the TV. Devon Kraemer is pretty darn yummy and I would eat her raw. Prison women will have a field day with this vag. I would!

  • Concewrned Citizen

    How about this for accountability Mr. Burnley. You made the decision to act in a disrespectful and disruptive manner to the bus driver. If you had made a better choice this wouldn’t have happened. Mr. Burnley, you then made the decision to disobey the lawful orders of the Police Officers. If you had made a better choice this wouldn’t have happened. Mr. Burnley, you then made the decision to resist arrest. If you had made a better choice, this wouldn’t have happened. Choices have consequences Mr. Burnley, and your choices had a very bad consequence but fortunately for you, a non fatal one. Police Officers want to go home to their families at the end of the work day just like everybody else. When you make the choice to resist arrest with violence with a Police Officer, who then becomes in fear of their life, bad things can happen in a moment of very high stress. Mr. Burnley it is time for you to man up and take some accountability and place the blame squarely on your own shoulders. You made three poor choices any of which could have been made into a better choice and this unfortunate situation wouldn’t have happened to you or to the Police Officers involved.

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