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Posting ballot selfies: Personal choice or illegal act?

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TRENTON, N.J. — You probably already know who you’re voting for on Election Day. Now one more question: Is it OK to take a picture of your ballot?

Laws nationwide are mixed on whether voters can legally take “ballot selfies.” Those are pictures of themselves in the act of voting or of their ballots.

Federal judges have struck down bans on selfies in at least two states, and rules have changed in others. But in many states, taking a picture of your ballot still carries potential fines or jail terms.

Twenty-six-year-old Clarissa Livingstone, of Toms River, New Jersey, says she doesn’t believe people would be influenced by seeing ballot photos she or anyone else might post.

She says “they’re not going to change their votes once they see how some Jersey girl voted.”


  • letsnotlingeronthefacts

    So the point of those laws is to prevent the buying of votes, not so much whether or not your vote will influence the vote of others. With posting selfies you have now shown proof of your vote. Until recently if I pay you to vote for “whoever”, you could not prove it, you went by your word with now other guaranty so there is no point of trying to buy votes. If the laws change you can now have proof of your vote. So the system can be abused.

  • confused

    Ban it! no one’s business who you vote for. Such a problem to get voter id yet you can post a freaking selfie or snapchat or instagram your ballot?? give me a break. Ban it. Idiots will see your post and vote the same as you.

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