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Green Bay clerk: No UWGB voting to avoid helping Democrats

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON — Newly released emails show Green Bay’s city clerk refused to set up an early voting site on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus in part because she feared the site would help Democrats.

One Wisconsin Institute, a liberal advocacy group, obtained emails from City Clerk Kris Teske that show state Rep. Eric Genrich, a Green Bay Democrat, was pressing her in August to open an early voting site on the campus.

Teske refused, citing budget constraints, ballot security and staffing issues.

She also pointed to statutes that prohibit early voting sites that give a political party an advantage. She wrote she had heard students lean more toward Democrats and Genrich is a Democrat.

The Nation first reported on the emails Tuesday, October 25th.

Teske declined comment when reached by The Associated Press.


  • Metal Maniac

    Her concerns are valid, colleges are a cesspool of liberal thought. If you said “I am voting for Donald Trump” they would assault you without hesitation. You take middle school, high school, college and next will be required MBA. You learn VERY little. What did you learn in high school sophomore year 3rd hour? I don’t even know what class i took. School more-so teaches you about who you are as a person and helps you create a friend circle. Almost every teacher has tried some level of liberal brainwashing in my classes. Luckily I am strong enough of a person to learn life on my own.

    The smartest people avoid college like the plague. They spend those 4 years inventing, learning to program, or starting a small business.

    • Ted_In_Co

      Yet you scream the election is rigged for Clinton and applaud the attempts of rigging it for Trump? Unbelievable.

  • confused

    She also pointed to statutes that prohibit early voting sites that give a political party an advantage. She wrote she had heard students lean more toward Democrats and Genrich is a Democrat. Yet Madison and Milwaukee have been since what Sept 26th? If this statute does exist they also should have waited. They have had record turnouts (according to a story on here or another channel forgot which one) DESPITE the voter id. They are consistently heavy Dem. voting.

    • pplr

      City Halls can count as voting locations regardless of who the members of those city tend to vote for.

      Though here is a question for you, do you see those votes as valid and properly cast by citizens? Especially since they, as you pointed out, proved who they are to do so.

    • Ted_In_Co

      So you’re saying there should be no early voting in red states because most of the people there vote republican? Come on…you can’t be that stupid.

  • Jim

    Funny how all the Democrats believe this 1 e-mail but all of Killary’s 45,000 are fake or altered by the Russians!!!

    • Opinion8d

      Honestly, what is there to comment on?? I haven’t seen the actual email, but based on what’s in this story, she simply stated facts as to why they were opening a SPECIAL early voting site at UW-GB -so what! Why isn’t Milwaukee County setting up a special site in Hales Corners, Franklin, or Oak Creek?? Or at Wisconsin Lutheran College?? It’s a non-story unless someone want to make it a story -or play politics!

    • confused

      True! instead of selected hearing it’s selected email reading. Really, Sept 26 is an awfully early start date. I think it should go back to the 2 week before election window. If that’s not early enough for you , too many lines, register vote by mail in absentee.

  • Opinion8d

    Fired for stating facts?!?!? It’s not like she is blocking people from voting and it’s nothing that’s required by law! People can still early vote, or vote on election day.

  • Opinion8d

    How is this trying to stop Democrats from voting?? Tell me where the law (or voting rights) include having easy access to early voting sites?? Nobody is stopping them from voting! She laid out in clear terms, why they were not opening a SPECIAL early voting site on UW-GB -including referencing the law. People can still vote!

    • pplr

      I looked for further details after hearing about this.

      1. This past spring they had a 2 hour wait on election day. That itself makes me ask if the UW Green Bay campus is being treated differently than other sites and, if so, how. Do all sites under this clerk’s authority have a 2 hour wait time on election day or just just the campus there?

      2. The actual early voting hours were already posted by someone below. I admit we (if you live in Milwaukee) live in a city larger than Green Bay (with more staff and more needs) but such limited hours strike me making it harder to make use of early voting because it is only during business hours when people are likely to already be at work.

      At this point she seems to be serving all of Green Bay poorly when it comes to early voting and the campus in particular poorly when it comes to voting on election day.

      And it was the problems that have already happened on campus that were part of the reason for a request to open a early voting site there.

      She may or may not be doing what she has for partisan motives. I’m sure it doesn’t encourage people that she was an appointee of a local official that supports republicans and has had his own legal and ethical problems when it comes to elections. Proof, no. But not a good situation one where there are questions of why.

    • Opinion8d

      @PPLR- good info about the spring election. The thing is though, the polling place on election day is UW-GB. The problems in Spring were related to new voter registration, the extra time with the new Voter ID law, and the races on the ticket (according to a news report). They plan on having more staff this election, and moving the registration tables further away to reduce congestion around the polls. More staff will likely help.

      I’m all for easy voting, but there are costs/logistics associated with that and then just how far the govt should pursue that effort. They have early voting/registration -which lasts weeks -more than enough time to take care of your business if you need to. Creating temporary sites to ‘accommodate’ people can become very political -why in Milwaukee are the two sites at Mid Towne (captial court) and then on the South side -both mainly minority areas. Why those areas??? Most polling places are close and convenient to voters and there are volunteers all over the place if someone needed to get to the polls. I don’t think this story is anything other than political bs on part of the dems.

    • Reggie Conway

      ” Tell me where the law (or voting rights) include having easy access to early voting sites??”

      The Constitution. It’s like, right there.

      I mean, you can argue “Sure the articles and the 14th amendment and the 19th amendment lay out voting rights very plainly but they don’t say it HAS TO BE EASY” but over 200 years of jurisprudence have come down firmly on the side of “No, you can’t make voting a burden because America.”

      If you can’t grasp that simple concept, you may feel more at home in Iran, where you vote how they tell you to vote.

      Sorry to hear you hate America, I just happen to love America and the troops who defend her.

    • Opinion8d

      @Reggie Conway -My point (made multiple times here) is that there is nothing wrong with not opening a special EARLY election site at UW-GB -Teske’s points (all of them) were valid, Also, they have made plans to deal with it on election day. And NOT having the early voting site open there is NOT a BURDEN to voting!!!! The only burden people have to voting is their lazy, uninformed, and could care less selves……

  • Opinion8d

    @Tippi Gordon -What the heck are you talking about??? People can early vote – YES! Nothing has changed there -voting rights protected!!! She is simply denying a request to open ANOTHER, SPECIAL early voting site on the UWGB campus -due to various reasons, including citing the law about favoring one party and her belief that the campus heavily favors dems. Tell me what LAW says they have to open up a site on campus?? Anyone of those people on campus, or elsewhere, can go into the proper polling place in Green Bay and cast their vote!!! Did you not understand that???

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