Sheryl Crow: Shorter election season is a change that would do us good

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For Grammy award-winning artist Sheryl Crow, the 2016 presidential campaign has not been her favorite mistake.

Crow, perhaps finding every campaign day to be a winding road, is spreading a petition asking others join her effort to shorten the election process.

Speaking with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on “Newsroom” Tuesday, Crow argued that the race, which has dominated national dialogue for much of the past two years, has only served to divide the nation and spread hate.

“This has gone on so long that we are not learning anything more,” Crow said. “It’s become just sensationalized. It’s incentivizing vitriolic hatred … just hate talk.”

To this end the country and pop music star, who is Democrat, posted a petition to asking others to sign on to her request that the political parties consider taking action to shorten future election seasons.

“The American people have been extremely disrespected in this campaign season with the ugliness that pits us against each other and with nonsense and fear-mongering,” reads the petition, which had garnered nearly 35,000 signatures by Tuesday afternoon. “It is time this comes to an end and that we demand better for ourselves.”

All she wants to do is emulate other countries, she said, but Crow acknowledged the effort would require cooperation from both the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee.