“They stole my job:” Uber driver tracks down stolen car; witnesses murder during search

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MILWAUKEE -- A woman's car was stolen -- and she took matters into her own hands, and tracked it down. What happened next can only be described as an escapade.



The woman saw her car two days after the theft -- just sitting in a Milwaukee neighborhood. She still doesn't have her car, but she does have one heck of a story.

It's been a long five days for Marie.

"Ate nothing. I've smoke a million cigarettes. Coffee? I'm keeping Maxwell House in business," said Marie.

Marie's son was driving her car on Thursday, October 20th, and pulled into a gas station at 68th and North in Wauwatosa. Marie said her son left his keys and phone in the car, and within moments, the car was gone.68th-and-north

"I got a hit. I pinged right away," said Marie.

Using an app, Marie tracked down where the missing phone was -- and she found her car. Marie is an Uber driver, and depends on her car.

"They stole my job. They're driving around in my job right now, my livelihood," Marie said.

Marie found the car Saturday morning, October 22nd, near Burleigh and Achilles.

Then, she called police.stolen-car6

"I said, 'I know they're going to be moving again, so we don't have much time,'" said Marie.

Marie showed FOX6 News her phone -- showing she called the police at 9:19 a.m. She said it took more than 40 minutes for an officer to respond.stolen-car

"Sure enough, there it goes," said Marie of her vehicle.

When police spotted the vehicle and tried to stop it, the suspects took off. The officer lost sight of the car and ended the chase.

"'Don't endanger the people,' but it was parked for 47 minutes," said Marie.stolen-car2

In a statement, police said the caller was uncooperative and hung up. When the operator tried to call back three times, no one answered the phone.

Marie said she gave a complete description on the first call.

Without her car, Marie picked up the search. On Monday, October 24th, she found herself near 24th and Auer and heard what she thought was the sound of car doors slamming.

24th and Auer

24th and Auer

"I looked up, and the man fell and his friend, girl, wife, whatever, fell over the body screaming and the person that shot him took off down the road,"said Marie.

Taped inside the crime scene during a murder investigation (one of four in Milwaukee on Monday), Marie said all she could do was take pictures.

Now, the search for her car has resumed.

"I just want my car. I just want to be able to get back to work and pay my bills. Nothing else," said Marie.

At this point, you might be wondering why Marie doesn't just settle this with her insurance. She said the problem is her insurance company is offering to settle for an amount less than what she still owes on the car. Because of that, she believes trying to find the car is her best choice.

Google Map for coordinates 43.060741 by -87.997510.


  • Wait forever

    How long till the police showed up the second time? Did you get the famous recording to hold on 911? Jimmie Johns is much quicker. Thank God the fire department isn’t run like this. Thank you mayor you are oh so wonderful-when are you going to get it that we need more police?

  • Opinion8d

    So was the guy shot by the guy in her stolen car??? If so, I guess that’s a good reason to chase people regardless of circumstances -maybe could have saved someone’s life (albeit -maybe not the guy in the stolen car or maybe the guy that got killed has made this city safer…..)

    • Gabrielle

      LOL… Don’t I know it! My car was stolen in Milwaukee and they used a flatbed. Told my neighbor they were the “repo-man”.

  • karen

    The response time is totally unacceptable. I don’t know why Milwaukee Police Dept. takes so long to respond to calls. It is ridiculous. I understand they need more police but 47 minutes and nobody even shows up. I think whichever police dept. had that jurisdiction they should fire every one of them and hire new officers who want to do their job.

    • Opinion8d

      @Karen – while I can understand your point, the blanket statement of firing all officers in the jurisdiction is just ridiculous! Would you fire an entire ER department because someone had to wait to be treated?? Do you really think officers are just sitting around ignoring these calls?? MPD is inundated with calls and each has to be prioritized. It’s not the officer’s fault -they go were they’re told. Instead of anger toward the cops, you should be upset with City Govt as they created this clusterphuk. Instead of a Mayor and city govt who puts law and order first and thugs and cry-baby community organizers at the bottom, they let the inmates run the asylum.

    • dave

      Maybe if they didn’t get thrown under the bus for doing their job. Better off being a garbage man in the suburbs then a cop in Milwaukee

  • So what

    I bet Ole Marie wasn’t looking for her car she was picking up her heroin fix ang by gosh ran into her stolen vehicle at her drug dealers house. Wlm.

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