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Facing felony charge after March shooting, Brown Deer police officer appears in court

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MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- A Brown Deer police officer, charged in connection with a shooting that happened in March appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, October 26th.

Devon Kraemer

Devon Kraemer

27-year-old Devon Kraemer is not in custody. She walked out of the courtroom Wednesday after signing a $5,000 signature bond.

Kraemer had no comment during her court hearing. Supporters were on hand during her court appearance.

Kraemer is charged with one felony count of aggravated battery, intentionally causing great bodily harm, use of a dangerous weapon -- stemming from the shooting that happened on March 14th.

Kraemer and a fellow Brown Deer police officer were called out to the area near 60th and Donna for an unruly passenger on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus.

The bus driver said Manuel Burnley became "disruptive" after being told the new transit policy required an M-card in order to receive transfers. He engaged in argumentative language with her, the driver said.

The complaint says the driver continued along the route, until she spotted two Brown Deer police officers' squads parked in a parking lot. The driver pulled over and honked -- trying to get the officers' attention -- as she wanted Burnley to be removed from the bus.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

According to the criminal complaint, video surveillance from the bus shows Kraemer and another officer board the bus and engage in conversation with Burnley.

The complaint states Burnley never threatened anyone on the bus, and he did not display or suggest he had a weapon of any type.

Police say after a few minutes of contact with Burnley, the officers removed him from the bus.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

According to the criminal complaint, while off the bus, Kraemer and the other officer were standing on either side of Burnley, "blanketing" his arms, as he stood between them.

Police say Burnley physically resisted being handcuffed and was taken to the ground by the second officer.

As Burnley fell to the ground, the complaint states Kraemer and the other officer went down as well -- at which point the three were mostly out of view of the bus camera.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Police say the video shows Burnley was rolled over onto his stomach, and within a short time, a single gunshot was fired. Burnley was shot in the back.

Kraemer told police she could not see Burnley's left arm and shot him because she feared for her safety, but according to the criminal complaint, an expert in police defense says this was not a reasonable fear.

Burnley survived, but needed several surgeries. He spent 12 days in the hospital, receiving treatment for rib fractures -- and he had part of a lung removed. His lawyer said he still suffers from physical and emotional damage. Burnley never faced charges stemming from this incident.

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

Officer-involved shooting near 60th and Donna in Brown Deer

A Milwaukee Police Department investigation led to charges. The charging decision was made on October 21st.

Online reports show Kraemer worked her way up from dispatcher to patrol officer, and had been on the job for five years.

Kraemer has been placed on administrative leave.

If convicted of the criminal charge, she could face more than 15 years behind bars.

She will next be in court on November 3rd for her preliminary hearing.


  • Peanut

    Conservative Fascism at the hands of Bush, Law Enforcement, and Closet Racists have empowered corrupt politicians, created an air of impunity for the social elite and persecuted and murdered the innocent in our country. Both are criminals. By resisting and struggling with the police, he brought punishment upon himself. He did not earn a death sentence without jury. Shame on you. God bless America and all of its people. Please delete this comment if you feel you need to because freedom of expression does not inhibit corporations’ ability to defend their product in mediums they own. If you want to step on a soapbox on a street corner, nobody is going to stop you.

  • LISTEN TO 105.3 fm!

    Not all police are good, noble people. There are bad people in every race, gender, nationality & place of employment areas, etc. Wake up & stop being ignorant. The man was shot in the back… My prayers are with the VICTIM. This officer should not be an officer. They made tasers for a reason if she felt her life was in “danger.”

    • Opinion8d

      Get your head out of the sand! It’s so nice to be able to do a 20/20 on what ‘should have/could have’ been done differently, but my bias is always going to give the cops the benefit of the doubt. She didn’t ask for this -she was reacting to someone that wasn’t cooperating. There isn’t always time to make the decision between a taser and gun -maybe she didn’t even have one. Back in the day they used their billy clubs to get people to comply, but softy liberals thought that was too harsh. For God’s sake, people get upset when a cop hits someone for not complying. The liberal, feel good, pacifiers created the environment where the criminals have more rights and latitude than the officer and the officer-for just doing their job, is the one risking everything (even their life) all to be second guessed. We live (or used to) in a law and order society. The vast majority of police interactions result in no use of force or violence -because the vast majority respect the LEO. The new world order is to show absolutely no respect, fight back, and then expect to be treated with kid gloves. The officer wasn’t acting with malicious intent in subduing this guy, he fought back and she reacted. I’m also tired of the ‘shot in the back’ bs…….people who are fighting are twisting and turning and you don’t know where in the back he was shot, or really any of the evidence. It’s not like he was complying, lying on his stomach with his hands behind his back all nice, and she just walked up to him and shot him…. why don’t you keep praying for the ‘victim’ and offer him a ride next time he needs to go somewhere……

      • LISTEN TO 105.3 fm!

        Shooting someone with a gun because they aren’t “cooperating” is justification and noble in your eyes? May God help you. Prayers to the VICTIM & the person that made the choice to shoot someone in the back as they were lying down.

  • Always Outspoken

    I can’t believe how many folks are actually defending this woman. She shot a suspect in the back while he was on the ground on his belly because she claims she feared for her life. Shootings like this fuel the notion that the cops are loose cannons who shoot people at will.

    I’m not condoning resisting police officers, but “simple resistance” does not warrant a bullet in the back.

    • Robert Shaw

      Under a hateful climate and a scapegoating climate in our nation towards law enforcement of course the investigators caved to the mass hysteria and pressure that is going on in our country. No weapon needs to be involved if you start a physical fight with a police officer and you end up on the winning end of that fight – which he was successful at doing, then you become a risk of great bodily harm to the officers and others – armed or not. We both then know that is what it boils down to. Was he or wasn’t he. I’m not ignoring any of the publically known facts about this situation to argue in defense of Devon Kraemer; you are ignoring many. I just hope that truth along with Devon Kraemer isn’t sacrificed as tribute to the Obama/Black Lives Matter induced mass hysteria. Don’t ignore or refuse to admit that waiting until a criminal actually pulls out a handgun, or successfully takes a police officers weapon, or subdues a police officer — IS TOO LATE. Quit pretending he wasn’t disorderly, that he wasn’t resisting and most likely assaulting two police officers. Quit pretending that Manuel Burnley was just standing there commiting no crimes, obeying police orders, and submitting to arrest. That is what you pretend by ignoring many things. The fact that he wasn’t charged with disorderly for his actions on the bus prior to the police even being there, and the fact he wasn’t charged with resisting is proof to me of an intimidated and cowardly police department, that let the threat of a reaction from an already hysterical public rule over established laws, and let the intimidation of outrage from a mislead and low-information knee jerk reactionary lynch-mob mass — successfully jeer police and law and order with it from society and punish the good and reward the bad. They didn’t want another Sherman Park that is what the Police Department and its investigation so obviously intended by charging her — avoiding another Sherman Park. And they sacrificed truth justice and Devon Kraemer along with it and you eagerly and opportunistically are leading the mob to stone her then crucify her. Our Society recruited her, trained her, was protected by her and then persecuted her for making a tough split-second decision that no human being on this planet could possibly have known with 100% accuracy and certainty exactly what to do. Maybe she should lose her job. Maybe police should require certain physical qualities that collectively even her and her partner may not have had to restrain a person physically. Maybe all police should carry and be trained to use non-lethals and protocol and laws should be changed. But clearly Devon Kraemer should not be prosecuted and persecuted like a criminal. And I think deep down if you listen to what I have said and are fair — you know it too. They both are victims of our divisive and divided hysterical society enflamed by Obama, Black Lives Matter, the sensationalism of media and social media misleading our country and pitting us against each other — scapegoating and shaming the good and empowering and emboldening the bad and the criminal

      • Always Outspoken

        I’m sure there’s some kind of logic lost in that rambling saga, but I just couldn’t find it.

        Burnley wasn’t charged with ANY crimes. You say that shows weakness in the police, but it really shows that he was an innocent man being harassed by police. Police aren’t in the habit of NOT charging those who resist (and, as you claim, ASSAULT them).

        You choose to embellish facts the that have been widely reported to make shooting him in the back while he was on the ground being handcuffed by the other officer somehow seem reasonable. He was guilty of arguing with the bus driver, no more – and these cops saw fit to escalate the situation to the point that he was shot by one of them. That’s NOT justice, pal.

        You can post all the blather you like – but it won’t change the fact that this woman is a criminal hiding behind a badge and is being dealt with as such.

  • linus snopy

    He ruined this woman’s career and actually the rest of her life. If this man on the bus had only listened to the police officers and complied with their orders, he wouldn’t have been shot. All of this could have been avoided if he had done as he was told! This woman is ruined and the man will win millions in lawsuits. The system is flawed!

    • Always Outspoken

      “This woman is ruined and the man will win millions in lawsuits.”

      You’re probably right – and it’s all because she chose to shoot an unarmed man who was guilty only of arguing with a bus driver – in the back – while he was lying on the ground – on his belly – being handcuffed by another officer.

      Let that sink in. Then try to tell me again how this is somehow not COMPLETELY her fault.

  • grunt

    I thought Michael Bell said this couldn’t happen: One department investigated another department’s hooting, and an officer was criminally charged.
    Perhaps Michael Bell just hates cops and has been trying to mislead us.

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