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Harry Fumich, accused of killing woman, stuffing body in fridge, throwing it in dumpster appears in court

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RACINE COUNTY — 49-year-old Harry Fumich — the man accused of strangling and killing a woman, and putting her body in a refrigerator before tossing it into a dumpster near the Sunshine Supermarket in Racine was in court on Wednesday, October 26th for his preliminary hearing.

 Harry Fumich

Harry Fumich

In court, probable cause was found for further proceedings in this case.

Fumich will be arraigned on December 16th.

Fumich faces the following charges:

  • First degree intentional homicide, repeater
  • Hiding a corpse, as party to a crime
  • Robbery with use of force, repeater

The criminal complaint makes reference to Fumich’s extensive criminal history, with convictions dating back to 1985.

On October 5th, Racine police were contacted regarding a homicide that occurred in the apartments above the Sunshine Supermarket on Taylor Avenue in Racine. This individual told police a body had been thrown into the dumpster behind the supermarket.

Officers responded to the supermarket and learned the dumpster had just been picked up by Waste Management.

Racine police question person of interest after body found near Sunshine Supermarket

Police contacted Waste Management and a body was recovered at the dump site near 16th and Oakes in Racine. The body was wrapped in a blanket.

The victim was later identified as Kim Cantwell.

“Despite what happened, she went out of this life a winner. My mom struggled for years with prostitution and drug addiction and in the past four years she beat that along with cancer. I can say that she is in a better place,” Victoria Newton, Cantwell’s daughter said during a vigil held for her mother.

According to the complaint, the individual told police that on the night of October 4th, Fumich asked him to help dispose of an item in a black plastic bag rolled up in a piece of carpeting. The man stated that Fumich advised him to push a dumpster against the exterior wall of the Sunshine Supermarket, directly below where Fumich was standing on the roof with the bundle. Fumich then rolled the item into the dumpster.

Police made contact with Fumich along with his significant other and a third person. The complaint indicates Fumich’s significant other was sobbing, and said: “He killed that woman.”

Racine police question person of interest after body found near Sunshine Supermarket

Police spoke with Fumich’s significant other at the police department, and she told police Fumich killed the victim in this case — stating that Fumich “was tired of her” and the fact that she “seemed to stir a lot of controversy.”

According to Fumich’s significant other’s statement, on the morning of October 4th, Fumich, upon seeing the victim standing in the doorway to her apartment, waved her over to his apartment, and stated that he had something to show her in the back bedroom.

Fumich’s significant other stated that Fumich had cut the cord to a black mini fan in the bedroom, and when the victim entered the bedroom, he wrapped the cord around her neck. The victim eventually fell to the ground.

The complaint states that Fumich checked the victim’s pockets and took medication from her before wrapping her in a blanket and putting her body in a refrigerator.

Fumich’s significant other said they then left the apartment and used some crack cocaine — coming home on the evening of October 4th. At this point, the complaint indicates Fumich noted that the body was starting to smell. Later that night, the body was thrown in the dumpster.

Police spoke with Fumich, who stated that the victim “had screwed him over money that he was owed, and he provided her crack cocaine that she didn’t pay for, and he ultimately took her television.” Fumich said he was “tired of her,” and admitted to strangling and killing her.

Fumich stated that afterwards, he looked at the victim and “kind of regretted it.” The complaint indicates Fumich admitted to wrapping the body in a blanket and putting it in the refrigerator. He admitted to taking money and methadone pills from the victim, which he told police he sold. He also admitted to throwing the victim’s body in the dumpster.

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