“We need to expand the safe zones:” Milwaukee residents weigh in at last Public Safety Meeting

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MILWAUKEE -- Community input can help make the city safer. On Saturday, October 29th, the Milwaukee Public Safety Committee held the last in its series of special meetings aimed at getting feedback for a safety action plan.

Speaking into the microphone with the hope of affecting thousands of Milwaukeeans, residents addressed the the Public Safety Committee.

Public Safety Meeting

Public Safety Meeting

"I think we need to view violence as a public health concern and we need to expand the safe zones," said Just Bielinski, Milwaukee resident. "I think incarceration nation is not the answer."

They shared their feelings of injustice while providing potential solutions to the city's public safety issues.

"I think jobs, housing, more services is the answer. I think desegregation is the answer, not just racial but economic," said Bielinski.

Since the series of special meetings began months ago that included different city and state agencies and most recently resident, Alderman Bob Donovan says the committee has received valuable feedback.

Public Safety Meeting

Public Safety Meeting

"Hearing concerns, certainly about response time, but issues that come up repeatedly," said Donovan.

A survey that residents were asked to complete also sparked a consensus of suggestions.

"Well over 90% of the respondents want beat cops in their neighborhood. That's always been something I've supported and that believed in wholeheartedly," said Donovan.

Public Safety Meeting

Public Safety Meeting

Money designated to youth organizations was also a key point echoed.

Elizabeth Mueller, with Pearls for Teen Girls, feels advocating for resources can be a major part of violence prevention.

Public Safety Meeting

Public Safety Meeting

"Research shows that we can decrease violence in our neighborhoods by providing youth with opportunities to succeed," said Mueller.

Donovan says the committee plans to gather all of the input and recommendations to see how and if they will be implemented into the safety plan. He's hoping to have it all ironed out by early next year.


  • Gary D. Hamilton

    LOL incarceration is not the answer. Why do you think crime is so high. It’s because they don’t put these idiots away long enough!

  • phacepalm

    “I think incarceration nation is not the answer.” Really? That is the way it is now. Look what is happening around you. What clueless f’n idiot. Now I have heard everything.

  • chattipatti

    I never knew of any safe zones in milwaukee. The criminals don’t care about the safe zones. The have crusty the clown running the city. I feel sorry for the elderly who can’t move

  • confused

    More jobs, housing and services but no jail ROFL that’s what there is NOW and it is NOT working!
    35 people showed up for the job fair ! Sherman Park. How many showed up for the free food? How many showed up for heat/energy assistance? Section 8? The community baby showers? Free smoke alarms? omg jail, prison, juvenile hall, truth in sentencing, SENTENCE them to begin with. Look at the sad handful that showed up to the meeting. Who is going to pay for all that free stuff? oh, ya, the WORKING people. With real jobs, not slinging, pimping, robbing, stealing, arson, sex trade, all those things pay out $ too. Maybe that could all be taxed,let’s see you robbed someone of $100, so make sure you claim it as unearned income on your assistance forms AND your income tax forms. If only the $ stolen was used to feed the illegitimate kids, but it’s not. It’s used to buy stolen guns, more drugs, and cell phones. Head’s up people, winter is coming don’t leave your car warm up on the way to the next safety meeting.

  • ANDY G

    Crime will continue to rise unless the young people have something to do, like working, or the freedom to play in the park without a permit, teens have tons of energy with nothing to do. To do anything today they need money to do it and that is why jobs are so important, especially for the inner city people. Do not get me wrong, I am buy no means making excuses for the idiot that destroys people’s property, or robs people of there money. I just think that more people need a chance to prove themselfe by working and helping other people and take the burden off there back like mandatory car and health insurance. How can a person afford these things and get to work.

  • Huh !

    It’s been said over and over again, The young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow !
    And yet no one whats to teach these young people how to get along ….when I was young, there were rec centers in most public schools ! In these rec centers kids could play basketball, volleyball or board games, all supervised by volunteers from the neighborhood ! The schools were neighborhood schools where your parents knew what trouble you were getting into before you got home, because the neighbors would call them ! The underlying fact here is NEIGHBORHOOD INVOLVEMENT !!! We didn’t need a block watch organization because, as neighbors, we knew each other and wouldn’t hesitate to call somebody’s parents when we saw something improper ! There was also an air of respect, you didn’t necessarily like someone, but you still showed respect for them and their opinion !

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