Huma Abedin, Clinton’s longtime and closest aide, lies low amid FBI email probe

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NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 17: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) talks with aide Huma Abedin (R) before speaking at a neighborhood block party on April 17, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. With two days to go before the New York presidential primary, Hillary Clinton is campaigning in and around New York City. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime — and arguably closest — aide, has stepped off the campaign trail in the wake of the FBI’s announcement last week that it was investigating thousands of emails found on a laptop shared by her and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

Abedin, who was a staple by Clinton’s side throughout the primaries and flew on almost every flight since the Clinton campaign plane started in September, has not flown with Clinton since Friday.

The longtime aide, who started with Clinton as an intern in the White House in the 1990s, was not seen boarding Clinton’s plane on Tuesday as Clinton headed to Florida for a three-event swing. Clinton will overnight in Florida and head to Arizona and Nevada on Wednesday, meaning it is likely Abedin will not travel with Clinton for a fifth day.

Karen Dunn, Abedin’s lawyer, said Tuesday night that she had not been contacted by the FBI as part of their probe.

“From the beginning, Ms. Abedin has complied fully and voluntarily with State Department and law enforcement requests, including sitting for hours-long interviews and providing her work-related and potentially work-related documents,” Dunn told CNN in a statement. “While the FBI has not contacted us about this, Ms. Abedin will continue to be, as she always has been, forthcoming and cooperative.”

A Clinton aide said Tuesday that Abedin was working from the campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

“She is there in Brooklyn and happy to cooperate if they ever want to talk to her. She has been very cooperative throughout the process,” the aide said. “We don’t see any reason, though, that they will need to. But, you know, there is a lot to wrap up this last week or two.”

But asked if she is staying away from the campaign plane because of the optics, the aide demurred.

“I wouldn’t draw too many conclusions,” the aide said.

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