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We Energies: It may cost you more to heat your home this winter

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We Energies

MILWAUKEE — We Energies officials say customers expect to pay a little bit more to heat their homes this winter compared to last winter.

Officials say the overall cost is slightly higher than last winter, mainly because last winter was one of the mildest on record. Customers simply used less natural gas.

We Energies officials  say this winter’s costs will still be well below the most recent five-year and ten-year averages. They say if we return to normal winter weather and the price of natural gas remains where it is today, we can expect the average residential customer to pay $516 in winter heating costs.

That’s approximately:

  • 16% more than last winter, but…
  • 10% less than the previous 5-year average.
  • 23% less than the previous 10-year average.
  • 41% less than the most expensive winter (2007-08).
  • Less than 8 of the previous 10 winters.